Monday, 12 January 2015

Company Focus | The Sticky Co.

You know, high street shopping is great, sure.
But sometimes, I just find it frustrating when everyone is wearing the same thing.
& that's where to Sticky Co comes in!
There's been a big push towards supporting independent brands, and I can't think of any brand better.
The company is run by two friends of mine, dipping their toes into the water of selling clothing, and they're items are lush!

- - -

Check out this plain white crew neck tee,
It'd look just perfect with my levi's or even that patterned skirt I cant quite find anything else to go with.

There's a lot of new and exciting things coming your way from these guys,
So be sure to check out their social media links below! (Their instagram is awesome!)

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Nikon D3200 Review

So this is The Camera.
I'm already in love!
However, I needed my DSLR to take pictures of my DSLR, bit of a catch!

I've been craving a DSLR for years, but funds have never allowed it.
So this christmas, everyone put in a little bit of money to contribute.

Camera shopping was not easy... is it ever?
But after I did a lot of research, this is what I settled on.
A Nikon D3200.

You can find all the specs here

I needed something easy to use, a beginner DSLR, if you will.
This ticks all the boxes.
With pre-set settings, including Macro, Portrait and Landscape, it's easy to get the perfect picture with a simple click.

I do plan on increasing my camera knowledge, experimenting with different lenses and having a look through all the intricate settings.

I can't recommend this camera enough. I don't know all that much about shutter speed, light intake or things like that. But I know I can get great pictures with ease and I fall in love with them over and over!

I'll leave you with a few sample photographs to have a look at...

Sunday, 4 January 2015

OOTD | Hello Stranger.

|| Skirt: Misguided | Jumper: H&M | Jacket & Shoes: TOPSHOP ||

Well, it's been a while.
I'm a pretty absent blogger at the minute!
I just cant seem to keep up with blogging and my PGCE - there is just so much to do!
I miss blogging so much, so it is a new years resolution to post at least once a week! :)

I love this skirt.
The colour is just gorgeous, and I feel like I can dress it up or down!

I hope you've all had a lovely Christmas :)