Saturday, 28 June 2014

Advice is wanted.

I seem to growing a little detached from blogging right now, which makes me incredibly sad as its something I love so much.
I think my anxiety is quite prominent in my life at the minute, and getting it under control is taking up so much energy.

I seem to be losing followers. Which shouldn't, but breaks my heart a little each time, I worry I'm just not good enough at it anymore!

& I also worry that people just seem to be ever commenting on posts/favouriting tweets to simply spread their own social media rather that it being because they're interested in my content - which I'm aware happens, but it seems all a little more often right now.

Has anyone else ever reached a "blogging wall"?

Perhaps I'm simply not getting myself out there enough any more!
Who knows.


  1. I know what you mean - I took a break for a few months due to my finals and when I came back my followers weren't increasing at the same rate and I'd sort of hit a plateau with my post ideas. I guess only you know what you'll want to do, but I knew I wanted to keep at my blog for a little while longer to see what happens.

    In terms of the link sharing, I find most people do just leave a link and add no real discussion or just post something quick that didn't really require reading the post. Then again, if someone does leave a thoughtful comment I'll check out their link and follow if I like their blog, so I guess it works both ways in terms of finding new inspiration?

    Do you comment on many posts yourself/join in the twitter chats? They're quite good in terms of engagement.

    I hope you don't lose heart with blogging and get your mojo back soon!

    Blog of Bits and Bobs // A UK Beauty and Personal Style Blog xoxo

  2. I know the feeling, especially of people trying to promote their own blogs!
    My only advice is to take a break if you need it, people who really care about your blog will wait for your next post, whenever it might be. It is a shame when this happens, but you might find that one day something might trigger you to start blogging again. Don't force posts that you really don't care about or aren't happy with because that won't make you happy.

    I do comment on posts myself but only one's that I care about, to engage with other bloggers. Sometimes I get a follow back and a reply, other times, nothing. It does annoy me when people leave comments such as 'great post' and then just a link, the compliment is nice but it doesn't feel personal. If people leave better comments then I will look at their blogs and maybe follow them. Commenting does help to gain followers/views but it should be done for the right reasons.

    I hope this helped and you find more inspiration soon!
    Emma xx

  3. I can empathize - especially with the anxiety, I had completely lost my blogging mojo on my old blog ( and I was getting no new followers, no comments and I was feeling downright lousy, and I didn't want that to happen anymore so I went and made a new blog and decided to put in much more effort, and now I feel like I have my blogging mojo back. I'm not saying your blog requires more effort because your blog is lovely, the photography, the written work, the theme - it's all really good! I would suggest looking at your more popular posts and doing similar ones to those if that's what you want to do, that'll hopefully bring your audience back and then hopefully increase your motivation. If it's more deep rooted than that, I suggest taking a good break, following other blogs until you get some inspiration - I find reading other peoples' blog posts always gives me inspiration for new blog posts! I hope you feel a bit better soon and get your mojo back because your blog is one of my favourites, take care lovely :)

  4. Hi Kelly,

    I totally relate to your dilemma. At the moment me and my blog are at a real plateau - and you really start to question... what am I doing wrong.
    If your blog is causing you further anxiety then take a break, stay in the community, until you get inspired to write again, or try writing about things completely new. But if its going to make you feel like crap then take a full on break.

    I feel like those who are just soliciting comments for visits etc won't attract the kind of followers that you want, or last very long. I'd rather connect with people who are into the same kind of things and actually reading and enjoying your work.

    Keep going! I hope you feel better soon and get back into blogging away!
    Kelsey x

  5. I've felt like this before - I know it shouldn't matter but it's horrible when you put so much effort into a post and no one seems to like it. I also find getting new followers a struggle - frustrating when you see other blogs that are the same age racking up more and more followers every week! I would definitely take a break and try not to get too stressed about it - remember why you started blogging in the first place and only come back to it when you can recapture that same excitement for it.


    p.s. for what it's worth, I really like your blog!

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  7. we totally know how it feels. It's hard when you put so much thought and effort into a post and writing everything up, only to read comments and realise that most of them are totally unrelated to your content or just self promoting. Maybe it's best to take some time away from blogging for yourself, and along the way you might rediscover that spark or some inspiration!

    keep smiling!

  8. Totally with you here. A secret - I've just returned to blogging after abut a year of crazy uni things and it look like what is what - Abandonded. So I started a new one - Yours doesn't need that but maybe try a little house keeping, change the look of it, and start to post about things different from the norm?

    I'm sorry to hear about your anxiety. My other half suffers from it too and it is awful. Maybe you should find yourself a new hobby? It will be something to focus on, and something new to bring to your blog! I got a whole new host of followers on my old page when I started blogging about my running as well as the old fashion/beauty related stuff.

    Chin up lovely lady, keep smiling xxx

  9. I agree -- if you need to take a break, you should. I have only taken short breaks here and there (a few weeks at a time) but I have to say that I have often felt the way you're feeling as far as blogging goes. I started in December 2009 and for a long time I steadily gained followers. In the last year, I have plateaued, staying steadily at 161. But the one thing I've learned is that just because people don't officially follow your blog (that is, follow through blogger or whatever platform someone uses) doesn't mean they're not reading your posts. Many people read and follow blogs through readers, which doesn't necessarily show up in statistics. Likewise with the comments -- the amount of people who comment on my blog have diminished significantly compared to my older posts. But every once in a while I'll get a comment from someone I didn't know was reading who has read most of my posts. People are out there and they are reading, even if they never comment.

    This doesn't stop me from wondering though if anyone else is reading what I write. And then I wonder if it's worth my time and effort to write at all. But the reality is that I love writing. And to me, that makes it worth it, at least most of the time. I have a small group of dedicated followers, and if they are the only ones reading and/or commenting, then it's still worth it. You probably reach way more people than you realize though.

    I have also learned that social media is a HUGE part of blogging -- many people communicate daily through Facebook and Twitter and the like, and if you're not active in those areas, you miss a great deal. (I am a member of many Facebook groups and am on Twitter and Instagram but I still post most of my thoughts and tidbits on my blog only.) But if people are looking for detailed information, they often turn to blog posts.

    I also have dealt with anxiety, and in some ways still struggle with it. The most important thing is to get to a place where you're comfortable and happy, so that should take priority. Once that happens, many other things seems to fall into place.

    Keep on!


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