Sunday, 6 April 2014

Self Esteem Sunday #5: Do something good

Here you can see 7 bin bags,
And oh I know what you're thinking,
Why am I looking at 7 bags a rubbish?

Well, it's not actually rubbish.
This week, all these bags went off to Cancer Research and are full of clothes, bags and other bits and bobs I thought would make a few pennies.

& boy do I feel great!
Seeing this much go away gave me such an overwhelming sense of achievement.

I really hope cancer research gains alot from this!
& often Charities will collect from your house to, if it's to much to carry.
Just google the number and give them a ring!

Thing is, every little helps.
Just one little bag of clothes you haven't worn in just about forever can raise more money than you think.
And it gives you a great reward of feeling great about yourself.


  1. I love having a good clear out then giving to charity. It makes me feel at peace at home and like an all round good samaritan! xx

  2. Giving stuff to charity can feel so good and therapeutic :)

  3. agh such a good think to do, i did that the other day and now my room just feels so much better for it :) xx

  4. Getting rid of your unwanted clothes and donating them to charity is always a good idea, hope there are more people like you who will do that!! Guess time for me to spring clean my wardrobe!! Have a good start of the week dear and many thanks for the lovely comment!! :)

  5. It's really nice of you for helping others out! nice! xo

  6. Well done to you! Cancer Research UK is my favourite chariy because I trust it so much. I'm always sending stuff to there! Xx

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  7. is great to do this!!

  8. such a great idea! i definitely need to do this soon x


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