Sunday, 23 March 2014

Self Esteem Sunday #4: Look After Yourself.

Hello loverrrrlies!

Sorry I'm late (again)
I feel like i'm drowning in a world that is University, dissertation and word counts!

This ones been something really appropriate this week, I've really been looking at myself!
I'm going to you my 1, 2, 3 & 4 of looking after yourself!

1. Eat Well
Seriously, i'm not for cutting every bit of bad food out your diet!
But just try and eat a bit more lettuce here, some carrot there.
Just try and fill your body with some good stuff, your skin looks better, your hair is stronger, you'll seriously benifit!

2. Look after yourself
Shave those legs once in a while!
Wash your hair more often, whatever it takes!
Hygiene is key to feelings great about yourself!

3. Exercise 
Seriously, it releases hormones that just makes you feel great.
You don't have to do anything crazy,
Find something you enjoy, I play squash every Saturday and I love it!
Go for walks, whatever you want!

(and lastly)
4. Be free!
Work and life drag us down.
Some of the most important days of our life are the ones we can let go of all our worries!


  1. This post is seriously awesome! :) Totally agree with all 4 things!
    I'm tryin' to eat a bit better & exercise more lately as well, it'll pay off down the road for sure! Definitely know what you mean with #2 - if I leave my hair for awhile & it just ends up being greasy and not nice it kinda just makes ya feel not so great sometimes, ya know? Some chill days w no fuss are nice, but still gotta take some time to look after yourself too :) Looking forward to havin' a few more of those "free" days too this year... lookin' forward to it!!

    Cachoo Joo // CACHOO JOO

  2. I love that you play squash every Saturday - I definitely need to get back into regular exercise, I always feel so much more energised and positive when I'm keeping active!


  3. Be free is exactly what I truely believe in!! Your picture is so amazing. Cant wait for my vacation in June :)

  4. Love your clothing reviews

    Kel Ellen Hirst x


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