Sunday, 16 March 2014

Self Esteem Sunday #3: Practice Good Karma.

I took this picture and added my favourite lyrics from Noah & The Whale - Blue Skies

Not so long ago, I had a counselling session on the massive load of guilt I used to carry around with me.
(I have a serious, serious guilt complex)
I was told in my session I had two choices.

Choice 1: Repent your actions. Find out what you feel most bad about and say sorry. Apologize what you did to those you hurt.

Choice 2: Imagine you are placing down every single piece of guilt you have ever felt, and walk out the room and leave it there. Realize that you're sorry for these actions and it's okay to move on and focus on your future.

I chose a bit of both.
I told a few people how much I appreciated them, and I apologized to a few to,
For other things, I let them go, I walked out the room and I left them there. For good.
It's actually easier than you might think, as long as you realize that it's okay to move past this and focus on your future.

Letting go of the past lifts a large weight of your shoulders.
For me, the guilt I was feeling made me feel like a bad person, I felt bad inside and it reflected on my exterior. I felt low, I felt ugly for the things I'd done.

Walking out the room I can honestly say I felt such a relief come over me.

Furthermore, DO GOOD.
Help that old man pick up the change he dropped on the floor,
Buy that homeless man a nice sandwich or cup of tea...
Even tell your bestie how great they look and how pretty they are.

Doing good things makes you feel good, on the inside and the out.

So even if, this week, you just tell someone how much they mean to you, you'll feel much, much better for it.


  1. Love this post :) So glad you are feeling better about things. It's never fun feeling low about the things you have done in the past - I've been there. They seem like small, insignificant things to others but they can sometimes eat you up inside. I think more people should heed the advice of being kinder to others.

  2. This is a beautiful post and just what I needed to hear at the moment! Thank you xx

  3. I'm a firm believer in Karma and also, doing good things for other people. It just makes me feel more positive about the world xx

  4. What a beautiful post, with your positive attitude, the world is becoming a better place already!


  5. What a lovely post. Such good advice too, thanks for sharing :) x


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