Sunday, 9 March 2014

Self-Esteem Sunday #2 | Have A Dress Up Day.

I love being a girl, I love painting my nails and doing my hair.
But it seems like I rarely have time to really put a great amount of effort into my appearance at the minute....
Yet, it does wonders for my confidence.

So I say, set your alarm an hour earlier, or wait until a day off....
And DO IT.

Paint your nails,
Blow dry and curl your hair,
Wear your prettiest dress,
Try a bold lipstick shade....
Do anything that makes you feel pampered and pretty.

And take a million selfies!

Try every different angle and then find out what you love in each photo,
Does your hair look great? Do you love your eyes?

For Example
Photo 1: I like how I don't have a parting, it suits my face shape.
Photo 2: I like my lips. One of few things I really do like on my face, but I acknowledged I like them, and I feel vein about it, but that's okay. It's okay to like parts of ourselves and you most definitely shouldn't feel vein about it!
Photo 3: My eyes here like particularly striking, I quite like this.

Make sure you find something you really like about yourself in each and every photo.
Because, the secret is, you ARE beautiful, you just can't see it.
By picking out points you like, you can realize that hey, its not all bad! There are parts of yourself that you can like to.

Share you're photo's, let the world know how beautiful you are!

I'd love for you to comment on this post telling my what your favourite part of yourself is! Don't be shy!

- Kelly

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  1. Inspiring post! I like to have dress up days too lol Dress for Success!!!

  2. You look so beautiful :) It's a good thing that you are helping other people with loving themselves as well :) I also love to dress up, it just makes my day better ;)

    Though I'm not sure what my favorite part of myself is... I think it's my eyes, always loved them :)


  3. You look gorgeous! And thanks for the self-esteem tips, such a pick-me-up :)
    - Amber ( x

  4. I LOVE this series! such a sweet and thoughtful idea :) btw you're a total babe! & my favorite parts would be the color of my eyes and my cheekbones :)

  5. I like my red hair :) I get a bit of stick for it sometimes and its not everyones cup of tea, but I like how it sets me apart from others.


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