Monday, 24 February 2014

Size 12 Is NOT Fat... Is it?

I'm not one to post controversial posts about my opinions, I'm normally keep my blog clean and debate free.
But, I recently read something, and it's been on my mind a lot...

This person posted a picture of Kelly Brook, naming her under a "fat" title....
This person went on to describe some really upsetting and hurtful opinions on being "fat"...
There was much more but I don't feel the need to go into detail.

The point is, I was actually hurt.
I am ridiculously insecure about my weight, someday's I go out and feel like everyone is staring at my figure and judging me. I had a friend calling me "chubby" and it broke my heart, but I always felt like blogging was a community where everyone was accepted.

*I understand this post is a reflection on my own insecurities and not a reflection of a single blogger causing my insecurities...*

I've been trying to lose weight since January,
I know i'm chubby the word fat, really?
I eat clean, ridiculously clean, above you can see the picture of my breakfast smoothie mix each morning.
I exercise a lot around a busy schedule.
But it just isn't shifting... 

Why are we so obsessed with numbers?
I see size 18's who look absolutely stunning and beautiful.
I see size 6's and see exactly the same.
Why is our society making women such as me refuse to eat because she fears the looks she'll get on the street. 

And why is it all safe hate? I see other people and they're beautiful, yet me? I can't stand my reflection.
Sometimes I won't even let my other half touch me I feel that disgusting,
I blame myself for becoming so caught up in this world of body image, if I eat healthy, exercise regularly, shouldn't I be beautiful?

I think something really needs to change...
Society needs to accept that EVERYONE is beautiful.
And I think that needs to start with myself.
I'm going to work on my confidence a lot.
I think we should all practice a healthy lifestyle, (with some treats mixed in) and love our body's for the beautiful things they are.

Over the next few weeks I want to write about how I'm working on my confidence and share my journey with you, maybe I can help you build your confidence at the same time?
Maybe you can help me with some tips?
I'm thinking of calling it a "Self-Esteem Sunday",
Each week I'm going share something to break this stereotype and try and prove we can all feel beautiful.

Wish me luck guys.



  1. Fantastic post! Size 12 is in no way fat. It may however be too large for some people's natural frames, or too small for others - I don't see how there can be a "right" clothes size as humans come in all shapes and sizes - but all in all, it's just a number! Very thought provoking post, Kelly, and looking forward to reading more on this topic! Your friend should've thought before she opened her mouth to call you chubby - comments can be more damaging than people think! x

    1. Thanks so much sweet,
      & yes exactly, there is no right size. As long as your healthy!
      Brilliant comment lovely, thank you so much for the lovely comments!
      This is so true - I don't think she understood what she was saying...

  2. I know which post you are referring too, and I just want to say, that a size 12 is a great size! You're not losing weight because you don't need to! You have curves and not fat! it's what I'd kill to be!

    1. It's really not my intention to slander the specific post, but rather try and show that we live in such a damaging society!
      Thank you so much for the lovely comment, that's so sweet of you..!

  3. This post is amazing, no size should be labelled fat! Preach it!:)x

  4. i agree, as long as you are healthy it shouldn't matter and people do not need to comment on other people's bodies, if you are overweight (like me) then you already know that and don't need people making you feel worse. I would love to be a size 12 but everyone feels comfortable at a different weight/size

    1. It's so true, people need to keep there comments to themselves!
      I think you're right, perhaps we'll never be comfortable?

  5. You're absolutely stunning,
    I wouldn't even consider you chubby, and if you don't see a weight change, it's probably because you're naturally the size that you are now!
    Fat shaming is a horrible thing and I totally agree with your post, "self-esteem sunday" seems like a great idea :)
    Bethany Alice

    1. Oh you're comment is SO sweet, thank you so much!

      & it totally is horrible, thank you for your support!

  6. This post really touched me, very honest and brave. You are beautiful my love, and I hope you begin to feel it! Size 12 is by no means fat, and the whole fat shaming debate is something I feel very strongly about as well. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful no matter what their shape or size so I hope you go ahead with self-esteem Sunday - it would be great to see some more positivity in the community! I for one will definitely be reading every post!
    Katie xxxx

    1. Wow, thats so lovely to hear from you!
      Thank you so much - really made my day!

  7. Gosh, as if a size 12 is fat! The average woman in the UK is a size 16. It makes me sad to see magazines moaning about how 'fat' celebs are one month and then calling the same people too skinny the next month. Opinion seems to vary from magazine to magazine too. We're all real woman, regardless of our size. You have such a lovely figure and you're really pretty, I honestly mean that!

    Self-esteem Sunday is a good idea. :)

    Tara xo

    1. So true, yet all we seem to see is size 6's everywhere right?
      I know, the media have SUCH a huge impact on this...
      They're all photo-shopped anyway!
      Thank you SO much thats soooo sweet of you!!

  8. No No No,
    size 12 is not fat, id kill to be size 12!
    however, this post was amazing Kelly and I dont have any self esteem whatsoever because of these labels of FAT and that youre ugly because your not a size zero!
    preachhhhhh it girl!
    I want to read more!
    And can I just say, as a very good friend since the age of 3, you are not fat, you are beautiful! inside and out and you are just amazing and I wish I was alot more like you!


    1. Oh youuuuuuuu!

      You've really made my week!!.
      Your so lovelllllly, thank you so much!! :D

      Right back at you girl ;)

  9. Sizes really don't matter at all, it sounds cheesy but it's really about whats on the inside. Someons dress size literally doesn't define anything, if you see a picture of a person wearing a size whatever you're not going to say - oh they're a size __ this means I'm going to get along with them so well, I bet they're a great person. It really makes me sad when I see people attacking others based on their appearance, it's like they have no idea how that could hurt someone in ways you wouldn't imagine

    1. It's totally good cheese though - I do agree that someones personality can change how we perceive them to look!
      Yeah I completely agree, some people are so oblivious, i think it's also quite a self-absorbed way of living.

  10. i saw the post you're talking a bit and it definitely frustrated me, i don't think she meant any harm but it was very contradictory and just didn't come out quite right! anyway you m'dear definitely shouldn't feel insecure, i would never have thought of you as chubby and am shocked to hear that anyone else has! x

    1. I don't think so either - which is why I didn't want to name or go into the article to much.
      But I think it was insensitive and wasn't written in a empathetic way at all....

      Thats absolutely lovely - thank you SO much <3

  11. I'm with you, and I know the post you're talking about.

    As a size 16/18, I actually see myself on the border of chubby and fat. I'm definitely plump, but if I see someone my size out and about, I don't think of them as fat so perhaps I'm not either. I don't know, it's a complicated issue because you always see yourself in a distorted way.

    I was a size 12 until 5 years ago and I think that was the perfect size for me. I had no real qualms about my size- I wasn't big or small, just in the middle.

    I definitely do not think you are chubby but of course your perception will always be different to others'.


    1. I really didn't think so many people would know the article I was speak of!

      I think you have a gorgeous figure Becky, you have stunning curves, isn't strange how we all see ourselves so differently?

      I agree....

      I think that would be lovely to all be happy with our size!

      Thank you so much sweet <3

  12. This is such an amazing post! So inspiring and honest I love it! I also struggle with weight and being able shift it. I constantly buy baggy clothes to hide beneath! But why should we have to feel that we're not beautiful because we're not the correct size or shape! Thank you for doing this post it really is inspiring and it does mean a lot us size 12+ girls!! X

    1. Oh my gosh thank you SO much.
      I'm the same, I wear oversized tops!
      Exactly - it's not right, just because we're "normal"
      Thanks sweet!

  13. Self-esteem sundays sound like such a good idea- I battle with my own appearance daily, it's it's been and ongoing goal of mine to gain more body confidence :) Lovely blog by the way!

  14. Love this post, so inspiring! As long as you are happy and feel healthy on the inside, nothing else should matter!!
    You are beautiful

    Abi ||

  15. I wish I was a little larger than i was and i know that sounds a little odd, but in the same way I feel too skinny sometimes and no matter how much I try, I can't seem to put weight on so weight insecurities can go in both directions, I think as long as you're happy with you're own weight and you aren't putting yourself in danger then you should do you and they should do them! good luck!

    hannah @

  16. Wonderful blog! I totally relate, as I have always been worried about how I am viewed. Last year I realized that was it, I worried about how I was viewed for my weight and now how I was viewed as a person.


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