Thursday, 13 February 2014

OOTD | My New Favourite Top

|| Top: Zara | Jeans: Topshop | Shoes: Topshop||

Can you believe the weather?
I hope you're all safe and staying away from the coast, and the floods are away from you!

I brought this top from Zara in the sale. I ADORE IT.
Its jsut so pretty, I can't even put it into words.
I love it casually paired with jeans. 
The colours are just gorgeous.


  1. What a pretty shirt on you, looks great! And what is going on with the weather? I haven't heard anything about it! So sorry!
    Wish you a great day ahead!

  2. Such a lovely top. Really like your shoes too x

    Lauren // What Lauren Says

  3. Aw, I saw the same top and fell in love with it but they were out of my size :( It's so cute! Looks lovely on you :)

  4. Lovely outfit, that top is so nice and I love them shoes as well! :)

    Millie x

  5. I love those shoes! They are gorgeous :)

    Paige x

  6. Those shoes are the cutest, love them, want them!


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