Saturday, 15 February 2014

Hopeless Romantic.

Hello boooootiful people!!

Hope you all had a beautiful valentines day, single or taken.. :)
I think even if I wasn't in a relationship I'd hook up with my single girls for pizza and wine - I really don't think you have to associate valentines day with boyfriends/girlfriends but rather to just appreciate those people you have around you!! :)

I thought I'd be at placement all day, but after arriving at 8:30am, I found out it was teacher training day... Um, whooops!? I ended up going home on the same bus I arrived on. Doh!

So with an unexpected day off, me and boy enjoyed take-away, films and milkshake. Ma' kinda night!

I had this stunning Vera Wang perfume, it smells like drops of heaven, for real.

Hope you all had a lovely day- and if you didn't, then why not treat yourself to something special?
You deserve it ;)

- Kelly


  1. The bottle is beautiful! Glad you had a good vday! xx Rena Kiss and Make Up

  2. That perfume looks so pretty! I bet it smells fab! :)

  3. I love valentines day single or not! It's a great excuse to eat chocolate either way. Lovely post, I like this perfume too! xx

  4. i agree with you,valentines day is dont only for couples but for us to apreciate everyone that we love on our life.In that day i went with a friend and treat us with some hot choco :D

  5. I absolutely agree with you about spending Valentine with your loved ones and not just the BF or GF. Most importantly, no need to wait for the V-day to show some love. Having said that, I love your flowers and the Vera Wang Perfume :-))

  6. Sounds like you had a nice night (and how could you not with milkshakes!). The perfume bottle is so pretty. I really like the giant flower on top of it.

  7. Herro lovely Kelly! Well I ended up staying at home on Valentine's Day since me and my boyfriend are in long distance relationship, so better to skype! xx

  8. Oohh wouldn't mind to try the perfume out! It looks so pretty :) Good to hear that you had a wonderful valentines day!


  9. Awww hope you had a lovely day. This perfume is on my to-try list next time I'm in Boots, it sounds lovely xx

    Gemma //


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