Saturday, 22 February 2014

Fashionably Fit With

I think one of the key themes already running through 2014 is the big health kick hitting us all, it's in the tabloids, plastered on TV, and even on many of our blogs!

I know i've bitten by the health bug, one the things i'm most insecure about is by body figure and it's something I'm able to change.. So 2014 will be the year!
I've been eating clean for a while now, but I just needed something to kick start my work outs.
and boy did I get it! ;)

These little beauties are from and retail at £74.99
You can find the link for the Nike 5.0's here.
SportsShoe are supporting the fashionably fit campaign....
It's something I agree with so much, for me, getting outside and going jogging really takes some strength, if wearing make-up and doing your hair nice lets you do this then who cares!?
Seriously - if it gets you out there; then DO IT. (Get the Nike pun - i'm so smart ;))

I go jogging up the sea front, i'm so lucky to have such a beautiful place right on my doorstep..
Proves for some stunning scenery!

I chose black trainers, because, well, what beats black? 
They're versatile and mean I can wear whatever tops and bottoms I wish!! 
I plan on expanding my sports wear collection now I've got these beauties!
I wore my trusty super-dry hoodie because the sea air is really cold ha!
These jogging leggings are USA PRO, brought from sports direct - they're so comfortable.

The trainers are so light, but then, they really support my foot and aid to me to joy at the same time...
I felt nimble, quick and ready to go.
I can't actually believe how much of a difference they made to my performance and I'd actually buy these again and again.
For me, I feel as though the most important part of a jogging outfit is the trainers, and now I have these fashionable beauties, they're be no stopping me!!

- Kelly.

*Although this is a PR Collaboration; all of the thoughts and opinions are completely that of my own.

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  1. Oohhh those nike's looks amazing! Too bad that my training shoes are still good otherwise I'd have ordered a pair, haha. You're lucky that you can run near the sea as well! I bet it feels good!


  2. Your not wrong, if I had a place like that to jog around I'd be out everyday. I've got the Nike Free Runs in a fluorescent pink, you won't miss me in the gym!

    Lindsey. x

  3. wow you really do have gorgeous scenery to run by! also this has sadly reminded me that i should probably start going to the gym or running again :( x

  4. Jogging by the sea sounds awesome! Nice black runners too - I have a black & orange Reebok pair and a burgundy & grey Nike pair atm - black is nice though cause it'd go with anything and doesn't show all that DIRT! :)

    Congrats on the 200+ BL followers btw! I'm from Canada so not sure if your giveaway is int'l - shipping is crazy expensive!! - but you doing any kind of giveaway is really nice :)
    (Thanks for commenting on my last business wear post too!)

    Cachoo Joo


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