Thursday, 16 January 2014

Equestrian Inspired Outfit Post*

There is no denying the recent "horse riding" trend that has swept the UK recently, its a look I absolutely adore.
Perhaps its the fact is so beautifully British but there's most definitely a certain charm about it.
So I thought i'd create my perfect Equestrian Outfit and show you exactly how i'd chose to style this outfit!

1. Chelsea Boots 
 I'll start with my ultimate favourite piece.
I've been on the shoe hunt for a long time, it seems as though boots after boots fall apart on me.
These gorgeous pair of Chelsea boots are made of real leather and guaranteed to last.
The colours stunning and I could wear these every day.
Being specifically designed for horse riders, they're almost guaranteed to last.

2. Green Topshop Blouse
This gorgeous Topshop blouse is a stunning colour, its definitely this seasons green.
The collar on it will add a brilliant layering affect to the outfit and the lace detail gives added texture and style.

3. Tweed Look Jacket
I'm a complete suck for tweed,
Its British, its classy, its perfect this winter.
This jacket is absolutely stunning, can you just imagine how it would look?
The additional black felt collar just adds style and class.

4. Topshop Cream Jumper 
Ah how I love layering.
Its probably my favourite thing about this winter.
So this over that gorgeous green blouse and stunning tweed jacket will add the most perfect of looks.

5. Denim Jodhpurs 
Jodhpurs are one of the most comfiest things I've ever worn.
They have a great fit and they're light material means they're super tight fitting.
Great for when you're layering on top and want to keep your legs looking skinnier.
This denim look keeps up with trending to.

6. Topshop Beanie
This cute little Topshop beanie will look wonderful with the rest of the outfit, and can also make it a little more casual to.

7. Horse Phone Case.
Its all about the accessories!
This cute little phone case really adds thought to outfit and is a super cute, quirky little touch!

8. Socks.
I think one of the most important and fun things abotu winter is SOCKS.
A decent pair of socks mean your day runs a much more smoothly and comfortably!
I also love the colour of these.

9. Tartan Scarf
Every outfit needs a scarf!
Zara has a beautiful scarf collection and this is just one of many.
Straight on trend with this tartan print to!

10. Different colour gloves
No winter day can be complete without a pair of gloves!
These cuties are affordable and have a wide range of colours so can be bought so match any outfit!
Additionally, these have cute little rubber bobbles on the front for grip!

11. Horse Shoe Necklace
& to finish the complete look, this gorgeous shoe print necklace with compliment in beautifully and might bring some good luck to ! 

What's your favourite piece? 
Mine are most definitely the boots, with that gorgeous jacket as a close second.
I adore the Horse Riding look, do you?

*Although this is a PR Collaboration; all of the thoughts and opinions are completely that of my own.

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