Tuesday, 28 January 2014

A hobby is something you enjoy, not something you're good at.

(Photo's are edited)

I love taking Photo's.
I'm not any sort of professional, I've never done any courses or even lessons, and by no means do I claim to be good at it.
But its something I really enjoy doing.

This morning, I went for a walk across the sea front.
I actually love going for walks on my own (saddo I know) but I like the freedom of going anywhere I wish, taking as many photographs as I want of whatever I please.
It was super windy, wish was really revitalizing some how.

Here's a few from today.
Once I graduate and get a full time job, I'd really love to take an even class and try to actually learn how to take real good photographs!



  1. Your photos are lovely, and so is your blog!
    I agree - hobbies are things that people enjoy doing, not things that they are just good at. One of my biggest hobbies is reading!
    I'm your newest follower :)


  2. I think you're good at it :) love these photos! Especially the first and last one! Hope you're having a great weekend!

  3. Hey Kelly, I think people tend to be too harsh on others. I totally agree that what's important is that you enjoy it first! To me, photography is more than "being good at it" because, on what do we base ourselves to judge? I personally look for original pictures, with an original angle, perspective... Love yours! x

  4. Beautiful photos - you should definitely stick with the photography thing :)

    Alice x


  5. Thank you the lovely comment on my blog, your photographs are beautiful! Definitely following :)
    Laura x


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