Thursday, 12 December 2013

Blogmas #12: I like tea.

I absolutely ADORE tea.
I'm more than a bit of an addict, I get headaches & get incredibly grumpy without my tea fix!
But I also love fruit and flavoured tea and believe it can really help you become healthy.

So when Wittards opened a Christmas pop up shop in Plymouth.
I previously had the Turkish Apple & Dream Time tea from my lovely friend Alex over at AllyTeePee.

But I was instantly drawn to Cranberry & Rasberry and Strawberry & Vanilla.
The packaging is just SO gorgeous to, I must find some way to use them all afterwards.
I also brough a sneaky hot chocolate which is just to die for :)

I adore all of these! 
& I can't wait to use them all up!
I'll definitely be back before the end of Winter is through!


  1. I want strawberry and vanilla! x

  2. I love tea too! I normally have like three cups a day. Green in the morning, English in the afternoon and a herbal one in the evening :) I don't know if the UK has this store but in the states there is a store called Teavana and it is amazing! They have samples of like all their teas! lovely post xx Rena Kiss and Make Up

  3. oh my dayysss these all look amazing! I am a slight tea addict too but I MUST try these! and the strawberry white hot chocolate sounds a-maz-ing!!

    I am now following :)


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