Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Review | Tangle Teaser

| Tangle Teaser: Boots, £12.95 | & my lovely hair stuck in it!

As a result of stress, my hair's been falling out in little clumps.
Its pretty terrifying but it's hopefully begun slowing down now...
Thing is, I didn't want to make my situation any worse.
So I threw in my pound land brush and upgraded to a much loved, much raved about tangle teaser.
I've seen hundreds of bloggers rave abut them, and I can certainly see why. I LOVE IT.
Its so gentle on my hair, I love the colour and shape, and it de-tangles my hair pain free.
I love the blue glittery one, but I have a wonderful habbit of loosing things and this vibrant colour means its much easier to find.
MUCH less hair falls out.
And its pretty portable to!
My only criticism is sometimes its TO gentle,
Down here on the coast, the wind is crazy ad I get some serious knots that it can't tackle at all,
But its nothing some serious brushing can't fix.

Over all, it's the best product i've brought for my hair recently!! :)
Do you own one?


  1. My hair falls out a lot too, I love my Tangle Teaser, it's far less harsh.

    (also have you had your iron levels checked? low iron can cause hair loss)


    1. Hey lovely,
      I have been tested and its all fine - I have a calcium deficiency but they said that has nothing to do with it :(
      I'm just strange I guess ;)

  2. I have a dupe that I picked on at TJ Maxx it is okay but after reading so many rave reviews on the real thing I really need to get my hands on it! Lovely post xx Rena Kiss and Make Up

    1. They sell tiny baby dupes in poundland! Hehe. I'd definitely try to original ;)

  3. I have a purple sparkly one! LOVE IT! So handy! I never ever use real bushes anymore lol

    1. I was almst going to get that one! Its sooo lovely isn't it :)

  4. I also love my Tangle Teezer :) It's great


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