Monday, 18 November 2013

Noah & The Whale and Vampire Weekend

Ahhhh this made me so happy.
I'm super obsessed with Noah & The Whale, and I love Vampire Weekend,
So seeing them BOTH!?
I almost cried when Noah came on stage (Yes, I'm that sad ;))
It was a bit difficult getting there, our bus drove us about a 25 minute walk away from the venue, but we wanted to walk it as a cab would have cost a fortune. We found it in the end, not to say it wasn't a little scary walking through Birmingham so late on he way home!

Definitely worth it.

I recorded 5 Years Time & Diane Young, take a listen?


  1. Yayy so glad you had a lovely time! <3

    Jennie xo |

  2. Ah so glad you had fun and thank you for sharing :-) xxx

  3. that's so cool you saw them together! i saw VW at glasto this year but they weren't very good... also, i like your new header, but why don't you have daisies in it? :P

  4. Cant believe you saw Vampire Weekend - I'm super jealous.


  5. sounds like you had fun! great photos x

  6. i'm so jealous! vampire weekend are absolutely awesome live! xx


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