Saturday, 2 November 2013

My Halloween

I like cats.
A bit to much.

& I don't think I could be intimidating if i tried!
It was all very last minute, so I decided to run to primark, grab a pair of pearly cat ears and wack out the kohl! :)

We couldn't get a pumpkin so we brought these cute little biscuits - although the day after they had some in sainsburies (odd) so I grabbed one.
Whats Halloween without a pumpkin?
I made a vampire cat! Of course! :)

I saw some amazing costumes, and hopefully next year i'll make a much better costume!


  1. I love the pearly cat ears and the pumpkin :) x

  2. The cat ears are ace!
    I love your cupcakes and biscuits, they look soooo yummy!

    Hannah x

  3. You look so sweet and good job on the pumpkin, it's awesome!

    Tara xo


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