Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Needing a change.

...of Hair.

I'm soooo bored with it.

I'm not sure if other people feel the same but when my hair isn't right it actually brings me down, when I'm bored of it I get myself into a real slump.

So i've been looking over old hairstyles to see where I want to go,
I want to keep the length for sure, but its so dead on the ends a good inch is going to have to go.

So this is my current hair:

I love the blonde, but the lack of layers irritates me, my "fringe" flops on my face and my natural colour is coming through whilst the dyed brown is turning that faded red/copper colour. Which I dislike.

Previously I've had:

Super short bob.

Full fringe.

Blondey Blondey

And, a humungous side fringe.

Looking back makes me just want to dye my hair blonde again and actually stick to it... But im worried about the condition of my poor locks, so then I sort of considered putting a smaller sweep fringe into my hair and seeing how that works out, but to me fringe's seem to be a dying thing, is this just me?

Hair is such an important thing and I'm thinking of making a collage of the styles I like to see what sort of works.
Do you trouble choosing?

Basically, I'm hoping you lot can come up with a super suggestion on how to have my locks,
Are there any trends coming up?

Much Love,


  1. Start majorly conditioning your hair now while you're not sure, so at least then when you do whatever you're gonna do your hair might be able to withstand it. I think the side fringe looked really nice :)

  2. I adore your current hair but I understand you must be tired of it on you. A change is always nice xx

  3. I think your hair is lovely as it is. I bet it looks lovely when its got got a curl to it too.

    My blog is , if you get the chance I would love you to see it xx

  4. I understand you. I'm very picky about my hair and if they look like crap, I will feel even more insecure. I hate bad hair days, they really can make my day not so enjoyable :) sometimes I think I need to see a shrink.. it's just hair, right? :D

  5. I rarely cut my hair (other than trims) because it's just too hard to choose a style haha! You're current hair is gorgeous but sometimes a change is nice. You definitely suit blonde if you decided to dye it :) Lovely post! New follower :D

  6. Beautiful looks!!! I like your blog! would you like to follow each other with GFC and Bloglovin?
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  7. I have exactly the same problem at the moment. My hair is just 'meh' haha and I soo agree I feel fringes are on the way out. So hard! I love your super short bob though - suits your face :)

    Alice x


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