Monday, 9 September 2013

Music Monday #2

I still can't stop listening to my last Music Monday track!
But this week I have  all new and exciting new song for you.

For me, You Me At Six got me through a lot of really deep stuff in my teen years,
I'm super obsessed with them, I just adore Josh's voice.

SO, here's there BRAND NEW song
*Girly squeel*

This will be the start of a new album for YM@6,
Which brings super excitement to my bones!!

So what do you think?
Any YM@6 fans out there getting as excited as me?


  1. You Me At Six are my favourite band, I love the new song :) x

  2. Nice! I've tagged you in the Liebster Awards, it's 10 questions to answer and it's a way for the blogging community to connect :-)


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