Monday, 16 September 2013

OOTD | Vintage Casual

|| Leggings: Topshop | Blouse: Vintage | Biker Jacket: H&M ||
|| Shoes: Vans | Rings: Dorothy P's| Necklace: Claires||

For me, this is just one of those casual outfits that you can throw on and not look terrible.
I adore my vintage blouses, and style them a million different ways, wearing them with my jodhpurs is super comfy and warm for summer - but doesn't just look like i've thrown on a pair of leggings with a top! (Hopefully anyway).

For me, my biker jacket is my most ever worn item.
I wear it all the time and it goes with absolutely everything, ever.
Its my biggest wardrobe staple and i'd be lost without it, every girl needs one!


  1. I love this outfit :) it's very understated but cool at the same time! x

  2. I practically live in my leather jacket as well, definitely a staple. Your ombre hair looks so nice in these photos!


  3. You look so so lovely! This is such a simple yet pretty outfit, love your shirt! x

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  5. This is such a lovely casual outfit :) love the necklace!



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