Thursday, 1 August 2013

Thoughtful Thursday #2 | Well, why do you do it?

With my blog starting to become a bigger section of my life recently,
I've began to "out" myself of my blogging hobby to a few friends.

I've had all the cliche reactions, some impressed, some interested, some indifferent.
And a few; "Well, why?".

Which got my thinking.
Why do I need a why?
Do I need a reason to have a hobby?
A justification to enjoy something?

See, I guess blogging isn't a usual hobby.
Its not playing a piano or learning a new language.
You put yourself out there, to the rest of the world, waiting for any sort of feedback possible.

I was asked where I'm going with it, what I aim to get out of it.
I'll never be "blog famous", they say.
So what's the point?

Do any of us aspire for that though?

For me. Blogging is just a way to vent what I think.
Do I think I dress impecibly? No.
Is my make-up outstanding? Far from.
Do I think I have some magic way with words to hook readers? I strongly doubt it.
But I ENJOY it.
Isn't that enough?

I enjoy documenting my life and what I feel good in, my exploration of new products.
Mostly, I enjoy meeting people who are actually pretty similar to me.
I love how supportive the blogger community is when I reach out in need of a little help, or advice.
I love putting time and effort into something that grows and molds into my blog it is now.

Beginning my blog was one of the most exciting journeys i've begun this year.
and the BEST part? I do it for ME

& now I've hit 150 followers, I just want to say how much I love you all, and thank you for letting me into your lovely little community :)


  1. I agree 100% with you. We don't need a justification, we just like doing it for ourselves. Some of my family have asked me the same thing, like why do I do it & I just answer because it makes me happy! That is enough! :)

    The Caribbean Flower

    1. This is exactly it!
      I don't need bad comments about it, its a bit mean! :)
      It's definitely enough.

  2. Well said! I hate it when people have that reaction when you tell them you have a blog. The other response I've found is: "oh really? that's cool!" ... but you can tell that deep down they don't get it! If we enjoy blogging, and it makes us happy, then surely that's good enough?! x x

    1. Thanks so much - yeah they're just trying to sound interested aren't they? L
      Thats definitely enough...

  3. I totally agree with this - the enjoyment of this hobby is much more rewarding than being 'blog famous' for me! People are never going to fully understand why people enjoy blogging so much unless they were to try it themselves. The community is amazing - in only 2/3 short months of blogging I've met so many amazing people - I couldn't stop if I tried!
    Congrats on the 150!!
    Katie xxx

    1. I couldn't agree more.
      Yeah they really aren't, you have to be a bloggr to understand it don't you!!
      Your to kind thank you!

  4. I think blogging is a nice thing to do even on a personal level, it's cool to look back to maybe a year ago and see what you were wearing, what you were doing...that sort of thing. It kind of like a scrapbook of your life online that you can look back on which is a cool thing to have!

    1. It really is, I completley agree,
      I can see how much my hairs growing to!! haha,

  5. aaaaawwww! Love this post! Exactly the same with me and my blog. I blog because its my little space and no one elses! Enjoy your blog boo! its yours and there is nothing anyone can do about it!

    FYI - you just gained a new follower! look forward to reading more of your posts x


    1. Thank you lovely! Exactly, our tiny space of the internet!

      Your so kind, thank you/

  6. you dont need to give any explanations for your hobbies

    congrats on your followers :)


    Inspirations Have I None

  7. ah I know what you mean, some people just don't get it, you just gotta be like well I got 150 people that do. Just imagine those 150 people in a room and that really puts it in perspective!

    ordaining serendipity

    1. They just don't do theyy!

      Do you know what that really does, that would be pretty awesome though!


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