Thursday, 15 August 2013

Thoughtful Thursday #4 | Take Two.

I posted a post earlier,
But actually, someone super lovely gently pointed out I got it wrong.

And it made me think,
I've either had people who just say everything behind my back, or people who are just so brutal they're mean.

And then I joined blogging, and I realized that that isn't okay.
And i've realized even though I've never met you lovely bunch face to face, or spoke to you on the phone, you'll always have my back, and always be there for me.
This stuff gives me faith in our blogger community, and kind of in the human race as a whole.
It makes me realize that actually, there are still good people in the world, and actually, I have them right here on my bloglovin' list.

I've had so many cases of people telling me they love what I do, or they hope things get for me, or just generally looking out for me, like today.
All these people I've never met actually care about me and my life.
Its pretty overwhelming.
I just don't understand why me, but I love it.

& I'd do the same for you lovely lot any day.

So. Enough mush and soppyness.
Thank you.
To all you beauties.
For just being awesome.
Love ya'll.


  1. Aaw, this is lovely! <3


    1. Thanks again Becky, appreciate it :)

  2. I read your blog in kenya which is in Africa and I really enjoy it, keep doing what you do :) x

    1. That is so kind, thank you lovely <3

  3. Aww I have seen so much kindness and support since I started blogging lovely to point it out in this post

    1. Its just so nice isn't it.
      We should all appreciate it :D


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