Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Review | No.7 True Match

So I took the plunge.
I went to boots and got no.7 to match my foundation.
Boy do I wish I did it sooner.
I was using Revlon's Photo Finish, as much as I love the foundation, this new one suits me much better.
I always go for maximum coverage when it comes to foundation.

I have very oily skin naturally...
No.7 do a brilliant foundation for oily skin. My Matte Finish really does last all day, I'm SO impressed.
I've always been a No7 girl, but I've never been into there foundations.
They revamped the whole range when they brought there true match machines into our world, if you haven't already tried it give it a go.
At only £12.95 to I think its a super good price....

My favourite bit was HOW un-pressured into buying it I was.
The lovely woman wrote the tone down and was sending my off on my merry way...
NO pressure to actually follow through and buy the foundation, how refreshing!

You can see how off my foundation was....WHOOPS!

With a lovely buy on get one half price offer on to, I brought a beautiful bronzer blusher. I absolutely love it!

 LOVE these items guys, totally recommnend it to everyone.
What do you guys think?
Have you tried it?


  1. I love No7 foundations and their colour match service is excellent.

    I use the Stay Perfect and the Instant Radiance Foundation.

    Great Post :)

    1. It really is,
      I used the Beautifully Matte Finish one!! :D xx

  2. I would really love to try that matte foundation since my skin is pretty oily too.

    The Caribbean Flower

    1. I would SOO reccomend it, my sisters in love with it to!!


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