Monday, 12 August 2013

*I love jewellery

I absolutely love all those gorgeous eBay shops from China that send you jewerelly for incredibly cheep prices.
So imagine my job when I found a website to!
You can find in HERE

Efoxicty sell a wide range or clothes such as, Wholesale ClothesWholesale China ClothesWholesale Mens ClothesWholesale Womens ClothesWedding Dresses and some other stunning Special Occasion Dresses

efoxity offers us all the cheap yet stunning jewellery all in on place!
I just really thought i'd share it with you all.

Heres some of my favourite picks:

and its all SO cheap!
I find that its always worth the wait when it comes through the post box.

Theres been a lot of stigma recently about the quality of items from abroad - personally i've never had a problem and if i'm honest, all my Topshop Jewellery breaks much quicker.

The website runs in Dollars, if the click in the top right corner you can convert it into pounds to see just how cheap your picking some beauties up for.

Does you wardrobe need refreshing?


  1. Ahhh! The cat ring is too cute!
    I'll be having a little look on the website now :)
    Jade x

  2. So cute x

  3. I love the umbrella earrings!

  4. The ring looks amazing!! Love it and the prices :) PS: Its an international Give Away, so you are in the lottery pot to win the Fashion Week Goody Bag :)

    Martin from

  5. That necklace is so interesting! I like it. Ps. I've tagged you on my skincare tag. Hope on my blog to take a look if you'd like. :)

    The Caribbean Flower

  6. Love the earrings! They are so adorable. Ebay has some awesome things! xx RenaKiss and Make Up


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