Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Every Girl Needs A Pamper Evening!

All my University friends have been aware I'm a little down in the dumps recently, and more than a little stressed with work and other things. Depression seems to have the better of me and they know its getting me down...
SO; for my birthday, they all put in together to put together a lovely little pamper kit for me!

Isn't this candle holder just stunning?
I love the bird on it, its to cute for words :)
I was brought some lavender candles to go inside them - I love lavender.
Relaxing scents are always the way forward for me! Anything lavender, or honey and i'm all over it!

I love candles (as you can see by my ever growing collection), I was delighted to receive even more and a beautiful glass jar to put it to!
I am an avid lover of Cecilia Ahern, (writer of P.S I love you) so when I saw this new book in Tesco fr £2.96 I couldn't find a better accompany to my pamper evening!

Of course, a pamper evening requires a bath! I had a lovely Aussie Conditioner in my set, so I put this on my hair why I had a lovely soak!

AllyTeePee gave me this dream time tea, its my perfect drink just before bed!
The mug was in my pamper set, to it was perfect on the side of my bath - isn't it cute!?
I always need a drink in the bath, of course you could always have a lovely tipple of your favourite wine!

I love this body butter, but I can honestly say.
I have never wanted to eat a beauty product so much in my life.
It smells like those fromage frais yoghurts I used to eat as a kid, and it looks like them to!
On my eighteenth birthday, I got so drunk I came home and opened a gorgeous lush bath bomb, and tried to eat it! Luckily my parents stopped it (although I had kind of licked it).
I'm so weird!

These little cutties from Body Shop will be staying beautifully preserved and not all melted in my bath!
Aren't they just super duper adorable?

What pamper night would be complete without a facebook?
My ladies brought my this chocolate one from H&M (I wanted to eat this to)
It smells and looks like chocolate!
It did a wonderful job of clearing my pores to!

I love this little book mark that was in the kit, you can also add your own photo's to the leaves!

The maltesers didn't last long to, there was also rich tea biscuits in my bag but they didn't even make the photoshoot, sorry guys!

& there we have it!
My essentials to any beauty evening you have!
What do you think i've missed out!?
Other than Michael Buble ;) JK.


  1. I'm obsessed with lighting candels these days, they just make a room so peaceful. :)

    Sarah x

  2. Hope you had a lovely evening :) I really like Cecilia Ahern books too xx

  3. Aw that so sweet, hope it made you feel better sounds like the perfect eve! Always loved the body shop animal soaps :-) I forgot they did them

    1. It really was.
      I don't want to use them heheheh!!


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