Thursday, 29 August 2013

Then £10 Outfit Challenge.

Okay, okay.
So money's tight,
& with April down, I decided we would both do.

April found hers super quick, but I really struggled with mine.
In the end I was super happy with my outfit, and April looked stunning to.

I'll jump right into it with the outfits, and give you a few little tips afterwards.

Here is April's Outfit!

Her top was thrifted, and cost £2.95 from the British heard foundation.
Its oversized and looks stunning as this dress..
The belt was purchased from primark, bringing it in at the waist,
The shoes were a bargain sale purchase from new look at a cheeky fiver!

So that is, £2.95 + £1 + £5 rounding it all up to a whole outfit for just £8.95

Doesn't she look beautiful?

This top is so versatile she can team it up with shorts, jeans or even just tights to create many completely different looks!

- - - - -

My outfit was a little different, but I really like it that way.
It shows how we both can create such different outfits for a tenner!

My skirt is a brand called Yumi and was from the PDSA for £2.50, BARGAIN.
My Sandals, Top and Belt are all purchased from a St Lukes Hospice pound shop, theres a few in Plymouth, everything in there is a pound!
My bag was from Cancer Research, originally from Primark, for £1.95
My necklace was £2.00 in the Miss Selfridge sale.
So thats, £2.50 + £1 + £1 +£1 + £2 + £1.95 which totals £9.45

I love this outfit, I couldn't believe my luck to.
I do think it depends on the day and situation you go thrifting in.
You have be in the mood for rummage and imagine where you could take the outfit.

- - - - - 

So heres my top three really basic tips, I intend to make a bigger one if this post goes down well.

1. Find a base. 
For me it was the skirt. You need a key piece to work the outfit around. Theres a lot of stuff in those shops and without a direction you'll just get really frustrated.

2. Ignore sizing.
Sizes doesn't matter, belts are a beautiful thing!

3. If you have a bad day go back!
The first time I tried to shop, I just wsnt feeling.
I wanted something to jump out on at me and it didn't happen.
If you're starting to get annoyed with all the rubble, go back another day!

- - - - - 

Let me know what you think!
I would absolutely LOVE if you guts had a go at this to!!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

OOTD | Let's go to the beach, beach.

Me & April went to an absolutely stunning little town called Torquay yesterday.
It was such a wonderful day, I've never been before and it was just stunning.

 I thought I'd show you what we wore.

April wore: 
| Shorts: George | Crop: Primark | Crochet jumper: Miss Selfridge | Ruck Sack: Paperchase | Shoes: New Look | Belt & Sunnies: Primark |

I wore:
| Dress: Vintage | Sandals: | Sunnies: Boots Prescription Lenses | Bag: Fiorelli |

I'm super duper in love with my jelly sandals, I really love them!
I wore them for over 12 hours and my feet were still comfortable.
For me, this beach dress is just perfect, its super roomy and big and great to slip over a bikini..
I like oversized dresses and this was just such a winner!
Such  beautiful day and the weather was in our favoure

Friday, 23 August 2013

OOTD | Out of this world.

I have my little sister here staying for a week,
So she'll be featuring in my outfit posts for a while :)

|| Skirt: Urban Outfitters | Top: St Michaels Vintage | Necklace: Dorothy Perkins | Shoes: Vans | Bow: River Island ||

- - - 

|| Tiger Top: Primark | Shorts: River Island | Boots: Dorothy Perkins | Belt: River Island | Check Shirt: Unbranded (thrifted) |

The rain doesn't stop us!
We went to a lovely fair on the sea front, and played hook a duck!

So, quite photo heavy post here, but what do you guys think of our outfits.
Do we look alike?

I've got my most exciting outfit post EVER coming up soon, literally my favourite outfit in the world.
I'm working on a lot of blogging things with April.
I love having her down. 
Check out her not-so-updated blog HERE ;)

Love you all.