Saturday, 13 July 2013

OOTD | Birthday Drinks

So with it being my birthday TOMORROW. YEY!, 
I went out Friday night with some great friends from work.

Me & AllyTeePee spent hours in town looking for the perfect dress, but no dress was found.
(Perhaps turning twenty is the beginning of me becoming even more fussy than I already am!)

We raided my wardrobe & instead of buying the perfect dress, I decided I instead needed the perfect accessories.
I wanted something bright and colorful as its so summery and hot.
What a better summer bright than neon!?

I raided Plymouth for neon accessories, after three hours of shopping I stumbled into H&M and found everything I needed.
Lord knows why I didn't just try there first!?

The dress I've had for two years now and cost me a fiver in a little shop back home in Walsall. The exact same print was used by Topshop this year to create a gorgeous skirt.
The floral hair clips are from Claire's Accessories, the bag from Primark and the rest of the items are from H&M.

I love the beautiful cream colour rested against such a vibrant pink and it just seemed really summery!

It was a beautiful evening out an the sun was on my side!

On my to meet my friend from work I saw the water fountain creates beautiful rainbows in the sun!

How is everyone else weekend going!?


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