Friday, 12 July 2013

Henryka Competition

A few weeks ago I did a review of an amazing company called HENRYKA, who specialize is Amber jewelry, there pieces are just absolutely gorgeous and if you checked them out i'm sure you'd be aware to!

There holding a competition with a ONE HUNDRED POUND gift voucher to spend online!!
Find out how to enter HERE.

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Before I knew of the competition I already new what my favourite piece from the website was.
I'd seen it before so my choice was pretty easy, despite there being hundreds of beautiful pieces!

So here it is!

(Images from Henryka website)
Find this pendant HERE.

This Amber & Silver Framed Cat Pendant retails at £60.00, I can see why with how beautiful it is. 
I've wanted it for a long time, but there's always just to much month left at the end of the money!
The pendant is elegant, classy and just over all stunning.
As an avid cat lover, it really ticks all my boxes. Its so dainty and girly and 

I'd wear this with a more simple outfit, I'd want the necklace to be the feature piece.
The silver and white amber look make this necklace a perfect accessory for beautiful summer dresses, 
especially with all this wonderful summer sun around at the minute,
so i'd personally team it with something like this beautiful dress from Topshop.

That way, the dress is still incredibly pretty and summery, but the lace only compliments the white amber and  the silver draws attention back to the necklace.

I'd wear some brown sandals with the dress and maybe just a dainty little pearl bracelet to compliment the white amber on the necklace.

This high neck will only compliment the necklace to and show it off even more!

So that's my favourite Henryka piece and one of the many ways i'd wear it.
Do you like my choice? Will you be entering the competition?

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