Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Hellloooooo Pretty Camera.

I had this baby of James for my Birthday.
& I'm in love.

The Samsung ST200F.

Product specification:
16.1 megapixels.
10x optical zoom.
5x digital zoom.
27mm wide angle lens.
3in LCD screen.
Continuous shooting up to 0.6 frames per second.
Red eye reduction.
1080i high definition video capture and playback with sound.
Maximum ISO 3200.
Intelligent scene mode.
Built-in flash.
Size H99.6, W58.3cm.
Weight 142.3g.
Depth 18.9cm (when switched off).
Rechargeable battery.

It has this super cool panoramic view which i'm pretty obsessed with, its perfect for landscapes!

It also has airbrushing features for portraits, things that can make your face all goofy, a GIF image creator, also known as a motion picture, and wifi to!

(Motion picture/GIF image - need to work on this but no shabby for a first attempt, you need a tripod!)

Photo Filters

Face Deforming!

Plus loads of other stuff which I haven't explored yet!

It also has HD video recording which means there may be more youtube videos in the mix! :)

I'm in love!

Do you guys love your camera as much as me?



  1. The panoramic effect is so great! I love this camera, it looks amazing! And the gif making is so cool. Wish my camera had all that!

    The Caribbean Flower

    1. Aww thanks lovely! The panoramic is deffoooo my favourite haha!

  2. Aw wow I wish I had a camera as good as this! I do have a dslr but it's a little outdated and has little to no features and is super bulky! Looks like a great camera x

    1. Aww thanks so much!

      Sometimes bulky cameras are just THe best though!

  3. oooh this is so exciting! excited for the youtube vids! I got a new cam for my bday too and i love it so so much! it can film too but i'm bloomin scared to film anything at the moment haha! p.s. the gif maker is so cool and the one of you and your boyf is super cute :) xx

    1. Hehehe why thank you!!

      Yeah I was scared to, i still think I should delete them all!!

      Thank you hahahhaa

  4. It looks so nice! I am in need of a new camera but I don't have money right now :( Cant wait to see more youtube videos! xx Rena Kiss and Make Up

    1. Oh nooo, we need to win the lottery ;)

      Thanks lvoely!


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