Friday, 14 June 2013

Review | Edute Nail Polish

I recently purchased this Etude House polish in Lemon Sorbet from eBay here.

To be honest, I was drawn by the packaging, isn't it beautiful? 
& for £3 you can't really complain....
It took two weeks to come through as its from China but it's worth the wait!
The consistency is perfect for me, I've demonstrated two coats here & it dried lovely and quick. It's not gloppy and spreads like quite an expensive brand.
The little 'bits' are subtle enough so that I don't feel like an explosion in a confetti factory, but you can still see that they're their.

The downfall for me, is the lasting of it. I painted them on the train to Exeter and by the end of day they were already chipped and not looking so great!
I really wasn't doing anything strenuous and pretty gutted - when I get bored I have a tendency to pick nail varnish and this is super easy to flake off.
Perhaps with a base and top coat it would last much longer?

All in all I love this polish, I think its a great cheap buy and looks great when I wack it out!

Have you tried any other Etude House products? I'd like some recommendations! 


  1. I've tried etude house nail polishes and eyeshadows and I really like the cute packaging for such affordable prices!

    1. That's definitely what I was drawn to! Hehe.

  2. your nails are so cute! love it!

  3. Never tried this, but what a cute bottle! xo

    Holly |

  4. The packaging is adorable!

    I also just tagged you in the Liebster Award!

    Sophy xo

    1. It really is! Thanks so much lovely!

  5. The packaging is very cute & fun tho.

    Zoe // The Caribbean Flower

  6. Aw that packaging is just the sweetest! I'm sure with a decent top coat it'd last a lot longer! New follower! :D

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  7. That is such a cute nail varnish I want it :)


    1. It's so cheap! Definitely worth it.

  8. I love chinese and korean beauty products, the packaging design are always so cute! This nail polish is adorable, the cutest ever! x


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