Sunday, 9 June 2013

My Weekly Round-Up

I thought i'd do a weekly filofax round-up this Sunday!
I haven't done one in forever, purely because my writing has been such a mess.
I'm working pretty much full time spanned over two different jobs at the minute, so life is pretty hectic.
It'll pay the rent though, so it keeps me going!

I colour code the two jobs because it's easier to see where I am and when, I get quite confused!

I don't tend to get any days off at the minute, so you can imagine my excitement when I got two days off this week!
I tried to face a big fear of mine on Thursday, which I'll most likely do a separate post about -  the fear  swimming! I sink like a stone and after 20 years, I should probably learn.
I even ombre'd my hair on the picture in fineliners, you can't see it very well though!

Sunday didn't result in the beach, but rather a huge tidying day with baking some lovely cakes! (I also intend to blog about this), lets say its no looker, but it sure does taste good ;)
I draw animations a lot, this little cat being one of them!

I brought a new fluffy pen, its terribly tacky but that's exactly what I love about it!
It really is cute...
The little reindeer tab is for Christmas! I make a huge deal about it and plan to be very organised ;)

Do you guys organize your life through filofax?


  1. Your doodles in your diary are so cute! Loving your pen too - everyone needs a fluffy pen in their life!

    Yinyin xx

    1. Aww thanks so much! You're to kind :)
      They totally do right!!

  2. I couldnt live without my filofax!!! Cute post xx

    T xx

    1. It's just so great hehe! Thank you.

  3. great post hun!!!
    would you like to follow each other???

    1. Your to kind! :)
      I'll check out your blog!

  4. Hey :) I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Check out my post for more details.

  5. amazing post
    wanna follow each other via gfc and bloglovin?
    kisses from kenya

    1. Thanks so much your to kind!
      I'll check out your blog!

      Kelly ||

  6. Your doodles and stickies are so cute!

    Zoe // The Caribbean Flower


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