Wednesday, 5 June 2013

More About Me | Boy Traits.

Me & those around me would describe me as a very girly girl.
I love everything frilly, lacey, pink and girly - but as with any girl, I do have my boy traits!

The first one is that I really love Call Of Duty, I play almost every day and I can kick some serious butt! 
Cringe right?

But secondly,
I love the smell of petrol, hot seats and oil.
As much as I can appreciate the new cars, its all about the classics baby!
I will own a chevvy.... honest.
James drives a 1972 Beetle called Emily, of which he restores himself, so as well admiring them, I can now learn how to fix them to. Once I graduate and finally pass my test, I to shall own a beetle.

So you can imagine our excitement when there was a free mini-jaguar show on the barbican!
I booked a day off work for it!

(^ My favorite of the day!)

How cute are these vintage leather suitcases? Designed especially for the Jag they sit in!

The sun shone all day and there were more cars there than we had originally anticipated!

My favourite was the Apple Green XK140, the colour is stunning, and I've never seen paint work so flawless... 
It was beautiful. So when the owner asked me if I wanted to sit in it, i was pretty chuffed! It smelt amazing! The floor is pretty high up though so your legs are straight when they touch the pedals, must be pretty uncomfortable, but I'd drive one any day!

So, i've asked for this car for my next birthday, being my 21st and all... (i'll keep dreaming)

I wanted to share this little part of me because it's quite a big piece of my life, I hope you enjoyed something a little different! <3


  1. I love cars too! and i'm amazing at call of duty! haha, love it so much xoxoxx

    1. Hahaha we are so cool! Me to, I've spent my whole day off on it #saddo!

  2. i too love all the old vintage cars, they make everything look so pretty! :) xx

  3. i used to love playing video games like COD and GOW although i was terrible at them! xxx

    1. Aww bless you!
      I beat James at COD pahaha!

  4. Oh wow what a unique love :D I love the look of that Mint car xx

    Gemma ♥ |

    1. Certainly makes me a bit different I guess!

  5. Hi, I've just nominated you for Liebster Award! Check my blog for the questions!:)
    Jess x -

  6. I love vintage carsx

  7. Pretty cars and lovely post. You've got a really nice blog!

    Would you like to follow each other?

    1. You're to kind!
      I'd love you to follow because you like my blog not for a follow,
      But i'll be sure to check your blog out lovely!

      Kelly ||


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