Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Just to let you know.

Hello lovely's.
Just a quick morning post because I have something on my mind.

I've been getting a few jibes recently about the quality of my photo's, and I know they pretty poor.
But if you followed me from my humble beginnings you will have realized my poor, beautiful camera died just as I started blogging... Unfortunately I cannot afford to replace the camera as of yet, and the boyfriend & family are putting together for one for me on my birthday (14th July) so by being patient i'll get a much better camera then the few squid I could put together.

The thing is, I'd rather be blogging with poorer photo's than not blogging at all.
I like blogging regularly and so I want to keep posting each day or every other day!
& as much as I love my blackberry, sometimes a photo WILL not come out clear, whereas sometimes its blooming brilliant.

So, I ask you beautiful people to bear with me for another two months (eep!) 
& Also if anyone has any recommendations of reasonably priced digital cameras, send them my way!

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