Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Hair Post.

I must admit I copied this post from AllyTeePee and truned it into a timeline!
But I loved the idea of showing the progression of my hair over a long amount of time so (with her permission) I've scanned facebook, and even logged onto my old BEBO account! (Yes, really). So prepare yourself for some beauties!

Hold on to your seats folks! This is a long story...

- - - 

Lets start riiiight back to around 1995, when I was around 3.
 I was blonde. As blonde as sunshine (on the right) and my hair was naturally really straight!
I wish I was naturally blonde now, just to see what it looks like.
You can see the brown starting to seap through my blonde locks on the top here.

HEY! I was rocking ombre in my toddler years!

- - -

Then, at about 7, my hair turned into a quite boring mousy brown!
But i've always been lucky enough to have really soft beautiful natural hair. You can see how long it is here, I could SIT on it!

I'm the one in the yellow circle, my sister April over at AprlShowers is the one on right with the beautiful grin!
I rocked a pretty awesome full fringe, which I do believe by Dad cut at this age!!
It stayed this way for years and years, until around 14, where I discovered the world of hair dye...

- - -

Annnnnnd... I hit my emo phase and died it bright red.
In about year 8, which is 2005, (oh my im getting old!)
Camera quality doesn't really show it but it was super duper red!

I had a huge sweeping fringe and I LOVED it!
But then, for some unknown reason to me, even to this day, one sunny day in 2007...... 
I chopped it all of.

- - - 

(Terrible Bebo editing skills! - my eyes are not even blue!)

& I did that thing where I told the hairdresser I loveeed it and I walked through the door and cried and cried and cried.

 - - - 

So I turned my now, in 2008, not so sweep fringe into a full fringe!
Which was really wonky, but you can't tell so much here.

I didn't really like it, I felt like it was to bitty!
So I kind of grew out just at the time of prom and had the most horrific fringe to date...

See? A giant block on my head.
Boo. This was not a good phase.

- - - 

So, after prom I just grew my hair out as best as I could, I kept it a dark brown.
I couldn't seem to get the red out my hair, and whatever light colour i tried to dye it would ultimately turn copper. So despite my pale skin, I stayed dark.
I had a big red streak put in to my hair to be all cool and brought some clip-in extensions which I adored.
(Here in 2009)

But extensions were heavy, fake and I didn't like how heavy the made my head feel.
And my dark hair would fade far to quickly in comparison so my extensions.
So i didn't wear them all that much :(


So I wanted to lighten my hair a little, and had a few highlights put in.

I'm dressed as a pirate for Children in need, this isn't my usual attire!

- - - 

But, as ever, I grew bored. SO I got it dyed...BLONDE.

Two days later I dyed it back brown, complete waste of money :(.
I wish I'd given it more of a chance to settle in really...

- - -

But, after dying it back brown, it was in horrific condition.
So I chopped it all off once more..

Shortly after this I moved to Universtiy,  because my hair was so inverted, my hairdresser had to cut the front bits straight to ensure that it grew out properly.

At which point I had my random red streak put back through it.
I really don't know why.

- - - 

So now, I'm at University, in 2011, my trusty hairdresser is 260 miles away and I don't trust anyone else.
So i dyed it blonde all by myself.

Which I kind of miss actually, it didn't look to bad.

- - - 

But me being me, I got bored, and dye it back brown, just to let it grow out!

Growing, growing, growing.....

You can see how copper the sun and lack of dye turns my hair, I REALLY hate this colour.
I'd love to be naturally really ginger, but this colour is VILE.

(I'm a cat).

So. After more and more growing one year on...
This is Halloween of 2012 :)

- - - 

Obvisouly since then my hairdresser Ombre'd my hair for me.
The colour at the top is now completely my natural colour, which is much darker than I thought it was, but I haven't seen it for like 7 years!?

And now, in May, 2013. I am just letting it grow and grow with my ombre in :)
The bleach did take alot out of my poor little ends, but hopefully it'll continue to grow all the way down to my knees ;). (Almost).

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Outfit Post | Dainty Dresses

I brought this beautiful dress in Exeter and I really love it! I could wear it every day!

|| Dress: Zara || Bag: F+F @ Tesco || Earrings: Dorothy Perkins || Bracelets: Thomas Sabo & Pandora ||

I am IN LOVE with the dress, when I tried it on it the changing room I was actually unsure about it, but now I brought it home I really love it! The print and fabric is beautiful and its light weight enough to wear during the summer months (if we ever get any over here in England!)
It's very girl and dainty which I do love and I can soon see it becoming a favourite in my wardrobe!

I've been experimenting with my earrings a lot recently to, Dorothy Perkins have a buy one, get one half price offer on at the minute and I took full advantage on stocking up my collection, these colours are pretty beautiful together!

I've had the top pierced twice now, the first one I had to take out because it wouldn't heal, I had it redone about a week later because I missed it in so much and it still won't heal (6 months on!). Debating what to do about this!

I must admit, Zara has far surpassed the other shops in the running to my favourite.
Whats your favourite shop?

Sunday, 26 May 2013

A Day Out | A Place Called Looe!

Being my first day off for a while, I made the most of it and planned a day out for me & James to a little town called Looe!
One of the first places we saw was Kellys Fish and Chips! How cool is that!?

First stop was for tea and cake! Of course ;)

We visited this super cute little museum,
It's run completely on donations so it's really lovely to visit and help out little places like this!

Where else would we go to eat other than Kellys fish and chips ;)

Quality ;)

Nothing like a portion of chips by the seaside!

There was a slight breeze!

I don't know what I'm doing here? Leaping? Titanic pose? I dunno.

Ridiculously photogenic picture!
I took this without him knowing!

I think that it's important for us to get out and explore other little places, it's something to do and saves us being stuck in doors all of the time!
Have you ever been here?

I need a little help from you...

Hello lovelies,
So i've been thinking alot recently about how much I want to play around with my blog layout and I thought, who better to ask then you beautiful people!
It's important for my blog to still be an expression of me, so before we all go crazy i've got some idea i'd love you to vote on. Each one I love, and I feel that each one represents my blog beautifully. But I can't choose which one! EEP.




So I'd love you to vote :)

Which header do you prefer? free polls 
 I cannot get this to centre :(

Also, i'm collection opinions when it comes to backgrounds, I'd really love to just hear what you guys think.
Do you like my background? Do you prefer simple white backgrounds with no image?
I have a lot to consider!

So, I know this isn't my usual post and you may be a bit bored of all this layout stuff, but i'd REALLY appreciate a quick comment of you time to let me know what you think! :)

Oh and if you have time comment why ;)

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Saturday, 25 May 2013

Outfit Post | Slightly Sailor.

 || Top: Romwe via eBay || Shoes: Primark || Skirt: Topshop || Biker: H&M ||
|| Ring: Family Inheritance || Braclets: Topshop, Dorothy Perkins, Pandora and Thomas Sabo ||

I really love this outfit, it's something I really fell in love with.
I definitely think its a piece you'd either love or hate! For me I love it.
I love this little flower I found in the garden and thought it would make a cute accessory to my outfit pahaha!
The tops bat-winged and doesn't like to stay tucked into my skater, so I took it into my tights underneath and it holds it better!
This day was FREEZING so you guys should appreciate me not wearing my coat to take some snaps hehehe!!! But I shot a few with my trust biker because I felt it look lovely teamed with it. It makes the look more casual I think to, the top isn't as vivid and doesn't stand out so much :)

Let me know guys!

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