Friday, 26 April 2013

Thoughts || Plymouth

I didn't think it was possible to love a place as much as I love Plymouth.
James was down here a year before I came to University here; whenever I came down then I loved it.

I felt like it was a magical place where even the rain never felt as miserable; or the clouds were ever as grey.
& now, three years after I first found Plymouth I still feel the same.

Its not a holiday feeling, but I can't explain it.
I don't even know what draws me to here, maybe its the infrastructure, the cut shops and cobbled streets, the sea and waves?

Whatever it is it still hasn't faded.
For the first time in a long time I feel like I belong.
I don't want to loose that.

It makes me wonder what's in store after I (hopefully) complete my PGCE year,
James wants to move in back home and save some money for a job, I just want to get a place down here and stay. I can see his point, but I just don't want to move back.

Ultimately it's my dream to move abroad, but I'm not finished with this little town yet.

Each time I travel back to Birmingham I get a stream of comments tellin me bow healthy I look,
How i'm blooming into adulthood, my Nan claims its the sea air.
Can a place change you that much?

James has begun calling Plymouth home now,
I love the fact his beginning to feel like we do have a life together now,
Separate from out families.
Of course they're still a big part of us; but we're starting our own journey together.

Have you ever felt this way about somewhere you live?


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  2. Replies
    1. Thanks so much!
      I'd rreally love to take a photography course.

  3. Never been to Plymuth but after your pics I definetely need to go <3


    1. Aww thank you!
      It's so lovely,
      There's great shopping to be done to :)

  4. Great post! It looks very calm and peaceful if that makes sense lol!
    A MakeupHabit

    1. That makes perfect sense,
      Its one of the reasons I love it so much :)

  5. It looks absolutely beautiful!! so jealous! where abroad do you want to move? xx Rena
    Kiss and Make Up

    1. I'd love to go to Australia, But i'd be happy anywhere with the sea and sun :)
      Thats a really lovely question thank you!

    2. I been dying to visit Australia, it's on my bucket list! xx

    3. I've never been abroad, boo.
      Maybe that's why I want to so much!

  6. It's really beautiful how you to are starting your life together and how you described it as a journey, I love how you write

    A little bit Unique - Blog // Please vote for me in the Company blog awards, best fashion - newcomer


    1. That's such a nice thing to say!
      I'm always worried about my writing style.
      Thank you so much lovely!

  7. I love the pictures !!!:)
    Looks cool :)
    Come and see me and if you want we can follow each other ?:)

    1. Thanks lovely!
      I've followed your blog - love your style.

  8. Pretty pictures :) I also loved your china clay shirt in your last post beautiful outfit! hope your having a great weekend! xx

    1. Thanks so much, you're so lovely. :)

  9. Great blog!

  10. beautiful pictures! plymouth looks so lovely xx

    1. Thank you!
      It's beautiful in the sun.

  11. Great photographs, never been to plymouth x

  12. Hi Kelly, my husband used to live there so we visit often it is beautiful. Newest follower here. Look forward to reading more from you Love Laura xx A Scottish Lass

    1. Hello lovely,
      It really is a beautiful place, especially in the sun.
      Thanks so much for the follow, I really love your blog & I'm following back!
      What do you do when you visit :)
      - kelly.


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