Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Ombre Nails. How to!

Hey guys,
Okay so as demonstrated by my last post i'm pretty terrible at nails.
But last night, I actually remembered something I CAN do,
Ombre nails!
If I can do them anyone can (literally).
They look lovely, its an easy thing to do.
and match my ombre hair!

If I get alot of good feedback I may loose my youtube virginity and make a video tutorial,
so let me know...

Okay, so a few notes before we start.
1) You will use up ALOT of nail varnish, so expensive one's probably aren't great for this effect.
2) Its super messy! It goes all over your fingers and everywhere!
3) It can take alot of time because it needs many, many, coats.

First all a sponge,
That is all you need!
I use make up sponges because they are less holey so it works better.
I've never used a house sponge so I wouldn't know how this would work.
I should imagine it'll just create a bigger textured look but you'd have to use even more varnish/...
I brought these sponges from Poundland! They're just going to get pretty ruined so I wouldn't worry about anything expensive.

So these are the two colours I picked, it better to have a big difference in the shades because this creates a better effect.
I chose Yellow & Blue,
(these are my two favourite colours - if you pick two colours you love together you'll love the finished product more).
The Blue is an old yet beautiful No.7 one I have,
The Yellow was a gift, its from H&M and came in a pack of 5 pastel colours.

So first of all, try and get a decent blob of your first colour onto the sponge,
Then relatively quickly do it with the second.
(You don't want the varnish to begin to dry!).
The more varnish tends to mean the less coats, but higher waste so this is up to you.

Once done, literally dab the sponge onto your nails.
Do not squeeze the sponge as it gets messy, unless its starting to run dry and then just give it a tiny little squeeze!
Lightly just pat your nail a few times with the sponge.
And then add some more varnish and repeat this process....

I let them dry a little in between applications but it doesn't really matter to much at all...
Im on my 8th coat at this point!

It does leave a slightly textured look as a result of the sponge...
But I like it.
I'm really happy with these two colours.
I picked a more expensive one and a cheap one to see if there really is a difference when it comes to ombre nails, I personally don't think that there is to be honest!
A perfect project for those cheap varnishes you can't usually use!

Im super tempted to try this with my new Barry M Gelly colours.
What do you guys think?

Probaly over killed on pictures here but I thought it would help!

My sister did this on my nails a while ago for a party I had.
This was before Sale Prep at work so I hadn't broke all my nails off!

She added tiny little birds with black nailvarnish on a cocktails stick which added a lovely affect.
Just add a drop of black nail varnish to a piece of cardboard, dip the cocktail stick in and lightly draw the shape you wish.
Nails must be 100% dry first though or you'll smudge the underneath!
It is easier to do to somebody else, so why not grab your sister, mum or boyfriend as a dummy ;).

Let me know how it goes?
Looking at these I prefer the white to the yellow.
But I don't own a white nail varnish!
Any recommendations of brand??


  1. They. Look. Amazing! :O Definitely one of the best parts about me growing my nails out, looking at posts like this for inspiration. :)

    Maxine, xx

    1. Thanks so much lovely!
      It's so easy to do.
      & definitely, I love having long(ish) nails!

  2. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog :D
    I'm now following so feel free to follow back!
    And this is such an amazing idea - defo gonna try it! xxx

    1. Aww no problem!
      Thanks so much lovely.
      I already follow you ;) I love your blog!

  3. They look great and it looks so simple to do! I'm going to try this out for sure, thanks for the idea :)

    Jamie ♥

    1. Aw no problem! Hope that it goes well!

  4. I love that its so simple yet so effective :D Have a feeling my nails will be ombre most of the summer ;)


    1. Its so on trend and easy!!
      I think mine will be the same hehe!


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