Thursday, 11 April 2013

H&M Haul.

Me & H&M have quite a strange relationship.
Whilst I love so much in there.
I find it hard to browse, the staff are a little grumpy and some of stock is from many years ago & just seems to linger about.

But with a lovely email telling me sale had begun
(even though there was already a sale)
I thought i'd have a browse.

And actually, it was one of the best (and cheap) shops i've done in a long long time!

Before I start,
I have a terrible cold & tummy bug so I'm pretty puffy and ill looking!
& I'm packing to visit Birmingham for the weekend so its a little messy!
Also apologies for the picture quality.
I should be getting my camera fixed THIS weekend!
(Unnaturally excited for this).

So my first picture was this super cute top.

(My sister claims its a fox, I thought a cat?)
Whichever I love it.
The cute little heart note and modern geometric print are a great clash,
The slouchy oversized feel is just my forte.
Only £5 in sale!
As it's quite long I can shove it on with some jeans for a casual day!

This top drew me in from the Window Display.
At £7.99 I think its reasonably priced.
Although the fit isn't to great, it hangs really strangely and stiffly,
But tucked into a skater you don't notice :)

Teamed with my New Look pink skater!

As part of the "conscious" collection all sources are renewable
 and the item is made fairly.

I really like the studs, because they're flat and pastel,
they're not completely in your face and it gives a more casual yet trendy look.

I really, really like the print.
I'm a big floral fan and this scream vintage look.
The colours really work me & I just instantly fell in love with it.
Great for spring!

These bangles aren't the usual colours i'd go for,
But they'll be great for brightening up some darker outfits.

I love chunky jewellery so this just ticks the boxes!
As you can see they're reduced to £1!

This cute little make up bag is perfect for small travelling!

The inside is kind of shiny,
So it'll be waterproof and super easy to clean those spillages!

The outside is a printed canvas material which I love!

At another £1 I think it'll be great for either nights out of small weekend trips,
It'll keep all my make-up necessities in one easy-to-fine place!

 Okay so in reality I only brought this because it was super cheap (£3).
& Because I love cats!
But actually tucked into a skater I think it's pretty cute!

I like the fact you can't see the bow at the bottom,
It makes it a little cuter,
I think it'll be great for halloween!

H&M now do homewear to,
These set of two tea towels came up at a ridiculous £1.50!

  As they're a gift I can't take a picture of them open yet,
I'd never get them look this pretty again!
But i'll update as soon as I can!

Here's a picture off the H&M website of the Towels!

They're just so lovely, and SO cheap!

I've finally packed for my sisters 18th Party Tomorrow.
A six hour coach before hand is not looking so great.
But with a second attempt at dip-dying and some inevitable thrifting to be done,
Watch this space! ;)


  1. Those tea towels are so lovely! Just my cup of tea, :)

    Maxine, xx

    1. Thanks lovely!
      Haha, you could dry your cups of tea with them to ;)

  2. Love your outfits, especially the skirts! And I agree, H&M staff are useless

    A little bit Unique - Blog // Facebook // Bloglovin


    1. Thank you so much!
      I love skater skirts,
      I wear them to much! Hahaa x

  3. I really like the second top it's so cute :) and you're so pretty xx

    1. You're to sweet! Thank you so much :)

  4. Wow, this is such a great haul! Everything you bought is so pretty! I especially like the floral shirt!


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