Friday, 29 March 2013

I must be Quackers!

Plymouth isn't a super touristy location,
But down the Barbican there is the most adorable vintage shops scattered about.
I could actually spend days looking in them all.
& they're not over priced either like I find some vintage shops to be.

Now would also be a good time to mention my unhealthy obsession with ducks,
I have no idea what it is about them,
But i really adore them.
& anything duck related for that matter.

So after doing a little job hunting, I felt it was much needed break to gain some little knick knacks for some home improvement!

First up, this cute little cups.

I have a thing with even number so I'm a little sad there isn't four;
But they only cost £1 each and I think they're adorable....

Now would be a good time to mention that as fun as vintage shopping is,
They have had previous owners.
I buy sterilizing tablets (sold at any decent chemist)
& add a tiny bit of bleach, (I mean tiny!)...
Just to ensure that they're clean.
I'll only use these for decoration, but it's always something to consider!

They're so kitsch and made in Britain to which is always a bonus!
They look adorable in my kitchen :)

Can you believe this little beauty was 50p?

I think it's beautiful, and great for storing bobby pins in to.

I really adore little "granny chic" items like this,
They just have a certain charm, don't you think?
It looks so royal!

For some reason, soldier's seem to have made a lot of appearance recently,
Perhaps due the wedding, Olympics and jubilee?

Not that I'm complaing, I think that they're wonderful.
And just so British!
This candle was from a little charity shop, not vintage...
But I think it's really wonderful.

I've had this little fella a while,
But I wanted to share it anyway.

My Mum & Dad brought this from a vintage shop just before I moved to University almost two years ago.
The floral print is gorgeous.
I really love this duck, I think it's wonderful.

I'm putting a lot of junk away and having a spring clean,
Can we call it spring?
But it's nice to have a few changes right?

And finally;

This small collection of Jars cost me all of £2!.
You can find a section in most vintage shops, varying from 20p upwards,
Collectively they make a cute little display...
& my fake flowers are finally out of Tigger's grasp.
(He likes to eat them!).

In other news I have finally inquired about a camera repair, so fingers crossed!

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"One day, things will turn out as planned"


  1. I never buy enough decoration pieces, these are all so sweet, I adore the duck

    ordaining serendipity

    1. Thank's so much Charlotte,
      Moving into my own little flat at University this year I wanna make it as lovely as possible.
      It's so much cheaper than expensive house decoration places to! :)


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