Sunday, 17 March 2013

I ♥ Love Hearts

I actually prefer to snack on fruit rather than bad food.
Although; as the same with anyone else I have my weaknesses.
Love Hearts are most definitely one of them.
I don't enjoy sweets ordinarily, but I could (most probably) eat millions of Love Hearts each day.
They're my favorite sweets in the entire world.
I love them so much!

So you can imagine my delight when I found this little cutie!

I'm a complete hoarder, I love little tins, cans and bottles.
Pretty much anything.
I scour vintage and charity shops for hours finding little things like this.
Also this little tin was from McColls!
At £1.49 I could have brought the shop's entire stock...

Even better the little sweet are miniature to...
I've debated what to do with the tin for a while,
Suggestions welcome!.

I'll definitely enjoy these little lovelies!

"but we're making our own way out, yeah we're making our own way out"

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