Wednesday, 27 March 2013

First Published Shop.

Today marks the day I have 100 page views!

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For me,
Clothes are my main form of expression.
I feel as though clothes are my personality,
its very hard to describe.
But when I have to wear a Nursery Uniform for placement.
I feel like i'm taking a part of myself away...

I find painting my nails boring, I don't try with my hair and make-up half as much as I should.
But I will spend hours each day thinking of new outfits and clothes.

I'm not saying I'm any good at fashion, at kn owing what goes with what or how to make myself look the slimmest. I probably don't even look that great...
But I enjoy it and that's the main thing right?

I get into alot of trouble with money cus'a my spending though.
I really need to work on this.

With James back in Birmingham for 10 days,
I get quite bored, (despite having 100+ things to do).
& for several reasons I need to get out the house for a while every day!

So I went on a little shopping trip;
I love high street stores...
But I do a lot of thrifting to.
There's something about finding a piece that not everyone will be wearing!

Excuse my messy flat!

My favourite piece today was like silky look spotty skirt.
Topshop have a Jersey one at the minute with scribbled spots.

I teamed it up with a vintage blouse i'd brought a while ago.
It's actually a size 16, but the extra fabric just seems to give it a more pretty look.
I wrapped a belt around it and it seems to stay where I want it just fine.
I like my skirts a little longer, I'm not really into super short stuff.
This is a little on the longer side but I don't mind it, specifically in this windy weather!

Moto provides denim for Topshop,
I presume by this find they've been around for a long time!

I love the colour yellow,
This pastel yellow is literally my favourite colour.
Pastels are always a big hit to, so hopefully come summer these'll be cracked out with a cute cami.

They're super high waisted & compliment my waist so much!
My hips are my least favourite part of my body, as they're so big. But my waist is pretty small so these shorts work quite well for me...

Okay; so this shirt isn't everyone's taste,
But i was drawn to it.
There's just something about it that I really love!

I think its the collar on it...
Its quite 80's/90's.
I wear skater skirts 80% of the time, & tucked in it looks super cute.
Imma try it with some denim skirts and play around with the look a lot.
I'd quite like the fold the sleeves up & tack them in place...
I think this would make it look quite a lot nicer :)

I found this unusual snood on a vintage stool.
The clasp looks a little cheap, but I think the pattern is gorgeous...

I think it's something that add a bit of class to a somewhat boring outfit.
At £1.99 you can't really complain!

Additionally, I love Topshop's basic jersey dress at the minute.
I have the green one, but I feel its quite wintery and so wanted a spring colour to.

I feel like everyone is wearing this dress at the minute,
So not only is this a slightly different colour to what everyone is wearing,
I've teamed it up with a peter pan necklace, from Claire's Accessories! & a vintage stall bag.
Adding a bit of my own touch, i feel though i'm making it a bit more me!
I'll add a slouchy white cardigan for the chillier days.
That's if we ever get any sun!
I love this outfit: its minimal effort, maximum comfort.

I know thrifting has gets a lot of stick,
But i really like to be unique, and it gives me that chance.
I always worry that i'm not pretty or fashionable enough to pull it all off.
But then I just think, who cares!.
I hope people can relate to this....
I just wanna be me, and this is what I enjoy.

Give it a go!.

Phew, what a long post!

"I'm always pretty happy when i'm just kicking back with you."

Kelly - ♥

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