Tuesday, 26 March 2013


So with a pretty busy life at the minute;
University deadlines, interviews, tutorials, physiotherapy, work shifts and meeting friends can from a massive muddle in my brain!
& my brain is probably worse than a goldfish's...
Sooo, its super important for me to stay organised.
&  this is how.

(Sorry for the terrible photo quality, my camera needs to be repaired,
...so i'm using my trusty blackberry!)

Donated to me by a very good friend, i take my Malden Red Filofax everywhere I go... 
You never know when you need to check you're free!

I love the colour red, and this is a beautiful shade.
Made out of leather, it'll last me forever!

So this is my week this week!.
I always write a lot of to do lists, but there's some personal stuff on there at the minute!
It's handy to write shopping lists, I store stamps and appointment cards in here to.

I'm quite looking forward to Friday ;).

It looks pretty hectic this week, but I've brought some new decorating materials so I just wanted to try them all out!

These are then pens I use.
Considering i'm 19 now I have an unhealthy obsession for fluffy pens!
They look super cute in the side of my filofax as all you see is fluff!

This BIC pen is the only item that isn't from paperchase,
Although, its by far my most favorite pen.
The four colours are so pretty, pink, green, purple and blue...
But each colour ink is more of a pastel than a dark ink.
I love it.
I don't actually know where to buy it from as it was a gift.
So if anyone knows drop me a comment!

Everyone still loves stickers, or is that just me!?
Either way, at £1-£1.50 a pack who can really argue?
My filofax gives me a perfect opportunity to use stickers!
They look pretty and help me express how I want that day to feel...

Washi Tape has an incredible amount of uses,
I've seen some lovely idea's that I may try soon.
But for now I've been using mine for my filofax.
It just adds something a bit extra; you need a fine liner to write in ideally...
At £3.50 a roll it can take some time to build up a nice collection.
So for now I've got a few contrasting ones to keep me going for now!

A lot of people have criticized Filofax for being to expensive,
But you can a lot of cheaper refills for them.
And within my opinion they're worth every penny.
I know people have had there's for over 15 years and they're still using the same one...
They give me a whole new dimension to organizing,
I have an address book in the back, 
Everything I need is one place & for someone who needs to be organised that's pretty important.
I'd definitely spend my money on it.

"You can give up anything when you're following your heart"

Kelly - ♥


  1. the bic pens are from whsmith ;) i know because i have the pleasure of working there....

    1. Thank you SO much!
      I'll have to go there tomorrow.
      Why didn't I think of this!

  2. Congrats on your new Filofax! You're pages look great!


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