Sunday, 17 March 2013

A little city called Plymouth.

Originally i'm from Birmingham.
But I've fallen in love with Plymouth, being here for University is an amazing opportunity.

There's something about the sea that calms me down a lot.
I'm just so much happier when I'm around it & any time I'm stressed I always take a walk up the Hoe to wind down.

& what better to do on a sunny Sunday afternoon than to just go for a walk and explore this lovely little town?
James (My Boyfriend of 3 ½ years now) suggested we get out. Fresh air can do the world of good.

Smeaton Tower was originally on a different hill further out at sea, they moved the lighthouse brick my brick so that it is pretty much the same tower. (Nerding out!)

I'm definitely no photographer buy I love how low the winter sun is, (despite the fact it should be spring by now) I feel it can makes some really pretty pictures.

I'm a bit of a sap so I love long walks across the sea side holding hands.
Its been 9 years this summer since I've been away on holiday, and I've never been abroad...
So I really appreciate walks like this.

I've been in Plymouth for two years now, each time I go out I go discover something new.
Some little thing I hadn't noticed before.

I take way to many pictures.
I haven't figured out why yet - I just like to remember things vividly I guess.
Maybe its just a girl thing to do?

A lot of my friends down here can sail, I can't even swim so the thought of being a boat daunts me quite a bit. It's something I'd like to learn though.

Ignoring my ridiculously white ankles, I've noticed I have quite small feet!
We're rocking our Vans together here (James & I).
Mine are so tatty now, but I love them all the same!

Lets hope with this sun, there really is a sign of summer on the way!.

"& there will be sun, sun, sun all over our faces
& sun, sun. sun, so what the heck"

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