Sunday, 31 March 2013

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!
I'm on my own this Easter,
But a good friend has managed to make me feel wanted with a lovely walk down the sea front!

Being on my own means I'm going to eat 19786 time more chocolate and not care ;).

I love this little fuzzy duck!
(Apologies for the camera quality again!)
The middle little fella is from Paperchase & the other was an Easter gift.
How Cute!

Instead of buying even more Chocolate,
Me & James do gifts together.
This year I asked for these;
I do a lot of watercolour paintings, but I've only got 9 colours...
So this is like a rainbow explosion for me!

They blend really well,
& create a lovely soft affect.

I'm still pretty new to drawing though so I don't have any particular skills.
I just really enjoy doing it!

We get a few lovely bits of Jelly Cat stock in Paperchase,
I couldn't help but fall in love with these little bunnies!
They're the cutest thing & they're so soft.
I'm a complete sucker for soft toys.

Have a wonderful Easter guys.
& I hope that you have more chocolate than you can handle :P

"And it feels like his new life can start

And it feels like heaven"

Friday, 29 March 2013

I must be Quackers!

Plymouth isn't a super touristy location,
But down the Barbican there is the most adorable vintage shops scattered about.
I could actually spend days looking in them all.
& they're not over priced either like I find some vintage shops to be.

Now would also be a good time to mention my unhealthy obsession with ducks,
I have no idea what it is about them,
But i really adore them.
& anything duck related for that matter.

So after doing a little job hunting, I felt it was much needed break to gain some little knick knacks for some home improvement!

First up, this cute little cups.

I have a thing with even number so I'm a little sad there isn't four;
But they only cost £1 each and I think they're adorable....

Now would be a good time to mention that as fun as vintage shopping is,
They have had previous owners.
I buy sterilizing tablets (sold at any decent chemist)
& add a tiny bit of bleach, (I mean tiny!)...
Just to ensure that they're clean.
I'll only use these for decoration, but it's always something to consider!

They're so kitsch and made in Britain to which is always a bonus!
They look adorable in my kitchen :)

Can you believe this little beauty was 50p?

I think it's beautiful, and great for storing bobby pins in to.

I really adore little "granny chic" items like this,
They just have a certain charm, don't you think?
It looks so royal!

For some reason, soldier's seem to have made a lot of appearance recently,
Perhaps due the wedding, Olympics and jubilee?

Not that I'm complaing, I think that they're wonderful.
And just so British!
This candle was from a little charity shop, not vintage...
But I think it's really wonderful.

I've had this little fella a while,
But I wanted to share it anyway.

My Mum & Dad brought this from a vintage shop just before I moved to University almost two years ago.
The floral print is gorgeous.
I really love this duck, I think it's wonderful.

I'm putting a lot of junk away and having a spring clean,
Can we call it spring?
But it's nice to have a few changes right?

And finally;

This small collection of Jars cost me all of £2!.
You can find a section in most vintage shops, varying from 20p upwards,
Collectively they make a cute little display...
& my fake flowers are finally out of Tigger's grasp.
(He likes to eat them!).

In other news I have finally inquired about a camera repair, so fingers crossed!

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"One day, things will turn out as planned"

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

First Published Shop.

Today marks the day I have 100 page views!

Although no one appears to be subscribing yet...
(Hint Hint ;D)

For me,
Clothes are my main form of expression.
I feel as though clothes are my personality,
its very hard to describe.
But when I have to wear a Nursery Uniform for placement.
I feel like i'm taking a part of myself away...

I find painting my nails boring, I don't try with my hair and make-up half as much as I should.
But I will spend hours each day thinking of new outfits and clothes.

I'm not saying I'm any good at fashion, at kn owing what goes with what or how to make myself look the slimmest. I probably don't even look that great...
But I enjoy it and that's the main thing right?

I get into alot of trouble with money cus'a my spending though.
I really need to work on this.

With James back in Birmingham for 10 days,
I get quite bored, (despite having 100+ things to do).
& for several reasons I need to get out the house for a while every day!

So I went on a little shopping trip;
I love high street stores...
But I do a lot of thrifting to.
There's something about finding a piece that not everyone will be wearing!

Excuse my messy flat!

My favourite piece today was like silky look spotty skirt.
Topshop have a Jersey one at the minute with scribbled spots.

I teamed it up with a vintage blouse i'd brought a while ago.
It's actually a size 16, but the extra fabric just seems to give it a more pretty look.
I wrapped a belt around it and it seems to stay where I want it just fine.
I like my skirts a little longer, I'm not really into super short stuff.
This is a little on the longer side but I don't mind it, specifically in this windy weather!

Moto provides denim for Topshop,
I presume by this find they've been around for a long time!

I love the colour yellow,
This pastel yellow is literally my favourite colour.
Pastels are always a big hit to, so hopefully come summer these'll be cracked out with a cute cami.

They're super high waisted & compliment my waist so much!
My hips are my least favourite part of my body, as they're so big. But my waist is pretty small so these shorts work quite well for me...

Okay; so this shirt isn't everyone's taste,
But i was drawn to it.
There's just something about it that I really love!

I think its the collar on it...
Its quite 80's/90's.
I wear skater skirts 80% of the time, & tucked in it looks super cute.
Imma try it with some denim skirts and play around with the look a lot.
I'd quite like the fold the sleeves up & tack them in place...
I think this would make it look quite a lot nicer :)

I found this unusual snood on a vintage stool.
The clasp looks a little cheap, but I think the pattern is gorgeous...

I think it's something that add a bit of class to a somewhat boring outfit.
At £1.99 you can't really complain!

Additionally, I love Topshop's basic jersey dress at the minute.
I have the green one, but I feel its quite wintery and so wanted a spring colour to.

I feel like everyone is wearing this dress at the minute,
So not only is this a slightly different colour to what everyone is wearing,
I've teamed it up with a peter pan necklace, from Claire's Accessories! & a vintage stall bag.
Adding a bit of my own touch, i feel though i'm making it a bit more me!
I'll add a slouchy white cardigan for the chillier days.
That's if we ever get any sun!
I love this outfit: its minimal effort, maximum comfort.

I know thrifting has gets a lot of stick,
But i really like to be unique, and it gives me that chance.
I always worry that i'm not pretty or fashionable enough to pull it all off.
But then I just think, who cares!.
I hope people can relate to this....
I just wanna be me, and this is what I enjoy.

Give it a go!.

Phew, what a long post!

"I'm always pretty happy when i'm just kicking back with you."

Kelly - ♥

Tuesday, 26 March 2013


So with a pretty busy life at the minute;
University deadlines, interviews, tutorials, physiotherapy, work shifts and meeting friends can from a massive muddle in my brain!
& my brain is probably worse than a goldfish's...
Sooo, its super important for me to stay organised.
&  this is how.

(Sorry for the terrible photo quality, my camera needs to be repaired, i'm using my trusty blackberry!)

Donated to me by a very good friend, i take my Malden Red Filofax everywhere I go... 
You never know when you need to check you're free!

I love the colour red, and this is a beautiful shade.
Made out of leather, it'll last me forever!

So this is my week this week!.
I always write a lot of to do lists, but there's some personal stuff on there at the minute!
It's handy to write shopping lists, I store stamps and appointment cards in here to.

I'm quite looking forward to Friday ;).

It looks pretty hectic this week, but I've brought some new decorating materials so I just wanted to try them all out!

These are then pens I use.
Considering i'm 19 now I have an unhealthy obsession for fluffy pens!
They look super cute in the side of my filofax as all you see is fluff!

This BIC pen is the only item that isn't from paperchase,
Although, its by far my most favorite pen.
The four colours are so pretty, pink, green, purple and blue...
But each colour ink is more of a pastel than a dark ink.
I love it.
I don't actually know where to buy it from as it was a gift.
So if anyone knows drop me a comment!

Everyone still loves stickers, or is that just me!?
Either way, at £1-£1.50 a pack who can really argue?
My filofax gives me a perfect opportunity to use stickers!
They look pretty and help me express how I want that day to feel...

Washi Tape has an incredible amount of uses,
I've seen some lovely idea's that I may try soon.
But for now I've been using mine for my filofax.
It just adds something a bit extra; you need a fine liner to write in ideally...
At £3.50 a roll it can take some time to build up a nice collection.
So for now I've got a few contrasting ones to keep me going for now!

A lot of people have criticized Filofax for being to expensive,
But you can a lot of cheaper refills for them.
And within my opinion they're worth every penny.
I know people have had there's for over 15 years and they're still using the same one...
They give me a whole new dimension to organizing,
I have an address book in the back, 
Everything I need is one place & for someone who needs to be organised that's pretty important.
I'd definitely spend my money on it.

"You can give up anything when you're following your heart"

Kelly - ♥

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

212.3 Miles From "Home".

Scrolling down social media sites it becomes aware to me how many people I have lost contact with since moving away.

Momentarily I feel regret for moving, 
I feel regret for losing these people close to me.

It lasts all off about a minute.

& then I think,
I've never been more at peace, more happy than I am down here.
Friends aren't friends if they put no effort into keeping in touch with me.
(& it's not through a lack of trying on my behalf... but that's a different story).

There is two or three friends I keep in touch with,
But it turns out strangely, its the people I just didn't expect.
Those "best friends" disappear.

Maybe its my fault for moving so far.

But people change when they move away.
Well. No, they don't.
It just certain traits become more dominant.
They become more selfish, or more snobby.
Its not really my scene.

I miss my family,
OF course I do.
Sometimes I just want to be having a chat on the settee with a cup of tea and my mum.

I'd like to think I've changed.
I look at myself from two years ago and I see a clingy person, ridiculously insecure and suffering.
Now i'm independent. I do what I want on my own when I need to do it, i'm organised, efficient and determined. The insecurities still need a little work.

BUT; now I have such amazing people surrounding me,
I'm unsure if its my problems, but I've always felt pretty alone.
Now I don't. I have a network of people I can go to if things get rough, that'll support me and be there for me. (Without judging me & talking behind my back).
& It makes me really happy.

I'm the type of person who needs a lot of "my own time".
I have a whole flat with just James & Tigger.
As much space as I need. 
I'm about two minutes from the sea front, 
five minutes to work, 
& ten minutes to uni.

University is hard, of course.
People still upset me, of course.
But at the end of it all i'm so much happier.

I'm kinda going through a phase where I just think, forget it.
Forget those who upset me and forget what they think.

The thought of graduating is a bit intimidating.
James wants to move back home.
I want to settle down here.
Eventually I want to get out of England,
Find somewhere Sunny and set up a new life by the beach.
But that's a way off yet.

"Blue Skies Are Coming, But I Know That It's Hard"

Sunday, 17 March 2013

A little city called Plymouth.

Originally i'm from Birmingham.
But I've fallen in love with Plymouth, being here for University is an amazing opportunity.

There's something about the sea that calms me down a lot.
I'm just so much happier when I'm around it & any time I'm stressed I always take a walk up the Hoe to wind down.

& what better to do on a sunny Sunday afternoon than to just go for a walk and explore this lovely little town?
James (My Boyfriend of 3 ½ years now) suggested we get out. Fresh air can do the world of good.

Smeaton Tower was originally on a different hill further out at sea, they moved the lighthouse brick my brick so that it is pretty much the same tower. (Nerding out!)

I'm definitely no photographer buy I love how low the winter sun is, (despite the fact it should be spring by now) I feel it can makes some really pretty pictures.

I'm a bit of a sap so I love long walks across the sea side holding hands.
Its been 9 years this summer since I've been away on holiday, and I've never been abroad...
So I really appreciate walks like this.

I've been in Plymouth for two years now, each time I go out I go discover something new.
Some little thing I hadn't noticed before.

I take way to many pictures.
I haven't figured out why yet - I just like to remember things vividly I guess.
Maybe its just a girl thing to do?

A lot of my friends down here can sail, I can't even swim so the thought of being a boat daunts me quite a bit. It's something I'd like to learn though.

Ignoring my ridiculously white ankles, I've noticed I have quite small feet!
We're rocking our Vans together here (James & I).
Mine are so tatty now, but I love them all the same!

Lets hope with this sun, there really is a sign of summer on the way!.

"& there will be sun, sun, sun all over our faces
& sun, sun. sun, so what the heck"

I ♥ Love Hearts

I actually prefer to snack on fruit rather than bad food.
Although; as the same with anyone else I have my weaknesses.
Love Hearts are most definitely one of them.
I don't enjoy sweets ordinarily, but I could (most probably) eat millions of Love Hearts each day.
They're my favorite sweets in the entire world.
I love them so much!

So you can imagine my delight when I found this little cutie!

I'm a complete hoarder, I love little tins, cans and bottles.
Pretty much anything.
I scour vintage and charity shops for hours finding little things like this.
Also this little tin was from McColls!
At £1.49 I could have brought the shop's entire stock...

Even better the little sweet are miniature to...
I've debated what to do with the tin for a while,
Suggestions welcome!.

I'll definitely enjoy these little lovelies!

"but we're making our own way out, yeah we're making our own way out"